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When I originally saw Westworld I fell in love. I don't normally buy TV shows but with a 4K TV and an appetite for quality content that is hard to satisfy, picking up Westworld in 4K HDR was a no-brainer. I just started re-watching the series last night and I was immediately blown away by the increase in visual quality. I intended to take it slowly and try to space my viewings apart because we still have a while before the show returns, but I plowed through the first 3 episodes last night.

Do yourselves a favour and buy the package if you haven't done so already. It's easily one of, if not, the best looking shows that is/are available in 4K. I'm falling in love with this world all over again!

So I’m playing a lot of cod ww2 on the Xbox one x with a Vizio m 2017.

I’ve noticed that gaming at 1080p is very responsive Gaming at 4k hdr feels slow and brings increased lag. But on rtings site it shows my set to have lower lag in 4k hdr. :/ so I don’t get it. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this while gaming too.

The shield is a really good device, and it's great that it can direct play 4K HDR content with Atmos/DTS:X etc.

But I am experiencing audio drop outs occasionally when watching these files, if I watch a film that is 2 hours long I'll probably get 2 or 3 occasions when the audio drops out and then comes back after a couple of seconds.

I don't believe I get this when watching normal 1080p films. I have tried to search Google for this first but my google fu was failing me.

My setup is as follows:

  • Denon AVR-X3300W AVR.
  • Nvidia Shield (Plex Client) plugged directly into the AVR. Using wifi back to the router which is in the same room.
  • LG OLED 65E6V also plugged into the AVR.
  • Synology DS1815+ NAS (Plex Server).

Has anyone else experienced anything like i describe?

I'd like to run some more tests on my own if I can, for example I could try plugging the shield directly into the same switch that my NAS is connected to if it was a bandwidth issue of some kind. But the wifi should be good enough to maintain up to 300mbps so should have ample buffering.

Problem is I can't reproduce the problem on demand, and it can take an hour or so for it to show up, but sometimes I get it just a few minutes in to playing something.

I just got an LG OLED B7 and while playing Xbox One X games in 4K HDR Gaming mode the screen goes blank for a second. It's like it's losing sync or something. The screen goes completely black for a second, then the HDR logo appears in the top right, then the picture comes back. I am using HDMI port 1 and have a brand new high speed HDMI cable. Has anyone experienced this? It has happened like four times now and if I have a bad TV I want to address it now since I just got it. Thoughts?

Been doing some googlin and haven't found anything new so I figured I'd hit my PSVR fam and see if anyone has anything to suggest.

I'm trying to make the switch from PS4 Pro to PSVR as easy as possible. I tried using the ibis switch (the white one) but apparently even after swapping out multiple cables (and even ordering a bunch of their cables) nothing works with a Samsung KS8000.

Does anyone with that model TV have a solution that works for them? My PSVR has been getting some heavy use lately so I've been swapping cables.

Hey guys

Returning to console gaming soon, gonna be picking up a ps4 pro among others.

Currently just using a 1080p screen and I'm a bit back and forth debating if i want to accompany the console with a 4k hdr screen or psvr (might end up doing both but assume it's one or the other. Note that if i just go with the screen it'll be mid range, not some mad "balls to the wall" thing.

I've been googling opinions and reviews etc of both, but thought I'd just ask on here for up to date feedback.

So for people who have used/are using both psvr and 4k hdr, given the choice, and you have to make a choice, which do you personally think you'd spend your money on?

Hey, everyone,

I have been looking at updating my current TV which I use for couch gaming on my PC and for my Xbox One X/PS4 Pro also.

Things that I want with the new TV are:

  • 4K 10 bit HDR 60hz via HDMI that's compatible with PC Windows 10, Xbox One X and PS4 Pro and will work natively for gaming with no issues in HDR.

  • Low input lag for gaming with HDR enabled.

  • Has a game mode feature.

  • More than one HDMI 2.0 port (My current Samsung 4K TV which is about 3 years old only has the one HDMI 2.0 port and it's a pain having to unplug and plug in every time I want to switch devices for 4K.).

I have been looking at these two TV's specifically:


Samsung Q7 Series 7 55'' 4K UHD HDR:

I am leaning more towards the LG from what I have read online about them what do you guys think?

Anyone else been having issues after today's update? My audio is cutting out and the frames per second are dipping terribly. Had no issues until today, and other games are fine.

I have two c61-700 as my minis and was curious about if it’s possible to call directv and upgrade to a newer model that supports HDR, I’ve only had directv for two months

HA hem, sorry to yell. Seriously. Use dsr/ amd version.

--If you have an Nvidia

-Go into Nvidia control panel, stare at the one piece of software that still has loading time in 2017

-manage 3d settings, global settings window you'll see DSR - Factors, your gonna wanna turn thus on family, mmmmmmk.

-Dsr Smoothing, this is a blur it's so vantage is reducing aliasing, dsr vantage is obvious. For me it depends on the game and if I end up using an AA. Personally I prefer no AA and high as dsr setting possible.

-enable all the boxes at 2x and above. Depending on the game you will use different settings. Seriously that's one small advantage for DOWNSAMPLING is everything looks better.

  • Personal favorites with my 1080 is 2.25x (2880x1660), 3x, and 4x (3840x2160). But depends on the game and the settings. I'll use 2x on newer games just to keep my fps up at 144ish.

--dsr smoothness

% I like are 20-18% if no AA, 15%-10% if paired with an AA that also blurs like fxaa or taa. (Mlaa? Gotta Google that one amiright?)

-10 to 0% if I'm doing 4k on older games. They tend to be low poly straight lines and don't have much aliasing.

Well I'll leave the community to have more tips. Specially AMD cards. I think it's called vsr?

Hey guy, So I bought PS4 Pro 2 days ago and I wanted to setup the best settings for my TV to work with it, I have SONY KD55X8509C TV which supports 4K and HDR. But I am so confused with all the settings and don't know how to get it right, Would be very thankful if someone could help me out.

We just got the Apple TV 4k for our new Samsung 4k HDR TV and we're having one issue with it. It won't let us select 4K HDR even though we tried a few HDMI cables and we even got a new one that supports 4k HDR. Please help me out as I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


Preferably the x900e

I'm having an issue when my HDMI port is set to "enhanced" for 4K HDR, it will dull the colors. This is only with Call of Duty WW2. I tested with several other games and they look great. When I set the HDMI port back to "HDMI standard" the color returns. I'm on Xbox One S with a HDMI 2.0 cable.

Is anyone else having the same issue or know of a possible fix I can try?

Love the game for the most part other than this!


I have a few apps that don't properly let the ATV know if they're SDR or HDR and if I have the device set to 4K HDR, they are way too bright while watching SDR content. (Hurts my eyes). If I set my ATV to 4K SDR with the matching settings on for HDR, when I hit HDR content being detected and my TV toggles over to HDR mode, is that the same as having the ATV set to HDR from the start?

Basically this is the inverse of 4K HDR downgrading for SDR content, and would help me until apps are all properly updated.


Good afternoon everyone , i am in the market for a PS4 PRO but my TV is not capable of HDR i will post a link of the TV i have below , can you guys tell me if it is worth getting a PS4 Pro if i do not have HDR TV? Thanks in advance .

I have an Onkyo 636 and it doesn't support hdr10. I need a new one for my new setup. I was considering a new Onkyo but I've seen posts on here criticizing their hdmi boards frying. Mine has been fine for 3 years for what it's worth.

I just want an affordable receiver with those options. Any recommendations?

By affordable i mean under $500.

Thank you!

Will someone tell me if my settings are optimal for my 75in Vizio monitor model E1. Just trying to figure out if I'm able to use hdr function with my new ps4 pro.

Okay so...i know the sony is probably better but by how much and why?

Is it a dramatic difference for gaming?

I can get the Samsung for $399, BUT if its FAR inferior i will opt for the sony, i currently have a 55” LG Plasma that i want to upgrade once my ps pro arrives in the mail.

Be brutally honest, the budget isnt the concern, quality and tv life is, but if there isn’t much of a difference I’ll take the deal.