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Latest version 7.3.2 updated November 12! I hope this goes for all phones!

Thanks so much for loosening your proprietary grip gentlemen! A much better and smoother casting solution than the jury rigged way I was doing it with the PC app.

Spotify is set as default/standard music service. Germany... seems like the issue is caused by a new update?

/edit: Somehow it seems to work now, after changing the default music service from Spotify to Amazon and back again, and one day later.

Not had any issues until tonight, I my phone locks by lock button or auto lock the music stops playing?


Two soft resets fixed this...must be a bug in iOS11.

I'm using the Android Auto app with a mount and an aux cable. My car does not support AA.

I'd love to use Amazon Music through Android Auto, but I can't seem to get it to come up.. like it's not integrated with AA or something. The assistant doesn't seem to even see that it's installed.

Am I doing something wrong, or maybe this only works with a headunit? anyone know?

I just received an OTA update and lost the ability to control music from my Pebble 2 time. Has anyone else had issues recently?

Hi, can someone with an Amazon Music Unlimited‎ account help me? I'm trying to understand what is the size of the catalog. Can someone tell me how many Gojira albums are available? Music Prime only has two and I have no way to understand if some of them are locked behind the Unlimited paid gate without subscribing. Thanks :)

Every update is just more frustrations. Have to reset preferences every update, user made playlists get all sorts of weird issues, crashes constantly, seems to be running slower than ever. Also, the 'Go to Artist' should go to a list of music you have added from that artist. If anyone actually uses the current incarnation of that function it should be renamed 'Explore more of Artist' since that is more descriptive of what it actually does.

I just wish I could revert to the old version of the app before the big 'blue' update. Nothing but headaches ever since.

I've tried many different presets for klwp lately, and they all work fine with Google play music, but I have all my music in Amazon music, and for some weird unknown reason it can't fetch the background images for songs on there anymore. This leaves some themes looking very odd and un-functional. Probably related, the background images for Amazon music also recently stopped appearing on my lockscreen when it's playing. Any help would be muchly appreciated, sorry if this isn't the place to post?

Anyone found a way to get amazon music working on the shield? Is there an easy way to shortcut sites in chrome or make shortcuts home tiles?

Does anyone know if there is a size limitation to the storage provided by Amazon Music. I don't have Prime, so I'm using the the free Amazon Music, which is supposed to let you upload 250 songs. I have uploaded 144, and all further attempts don't show up in my music library on anything other than the windows app. Quite a few of those "songs" are full-CD length (60+ minute MP3 files), so I'm wondering if I've hit a wall on the actual allowed storage capacity, regardless of the actual number of files uploaded. I tried asking their customer support, but the person I was talking to didn't seem to comprehend someone uploading files they hadn't purchased directly from Amazon, so I eventually gave up.

Stop pre-selecting "Launch automatically on computer startup" in the player updates I seem to have to install every other day. That's a great way to get me to uninstall your app!

Thanks, I️ completely forgot about it! Found out that instead of paying $7.99, I️ can get it for just my Echo and only pay $3.99. I’m gonna try that out for awhile.

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