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In an unprecedented last-minute reversal, EA has drastically altered Star Wars Battlefront II's controversial loot box system by temporarily removing the ability to purchase "Crystals." The game was previously designed so that players could spend real money on crystals to buy randomized bundles of in-game items, the acquisition of which was tied to earning credits - another virtual currency that could be used to unlock characters.

Fans revolted after widely circulated posts on Reddit and elsewhere that suggested the game was balanced in a way that it could take dozens of hours to unlock iconic characters like Luke Skywalker without paying.

"We've heard the concerns about potentially giving players unfair advantages. And we've heard that this is overshadowing an otherwise great game. This was never our intention. Sorry we didn't get this right."

With the ability to purchase crystals removed for now, all progression in Battlefront II will be earned through playing the game.

EA does note that it plans to bring back crystals at a later date after making balancing and tuning changes to Battlefront II's systems.

Battlefront II is set to be released in a few hours.

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Hello PCMR!With all the uproar over the EA pseudo scandals many of you have been making hard hitting statements by cancelling/refunding Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) purchases/pre-orders. Among the midst of all these comments I saw a couple of comments saying how funny it would be to host a giveaway for the original Battlefront II, maybe with it even ending on release day of the new Battlefront.


For those of us who did not pre-order, or for those of us who refunded/cancelled a pre-order I have the remedy. 5 Lucky Battlefront II-less gamers will win a Steam key for Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)! Microtransaction-less and all. What a much more rewarding way to receive a game. Winners will be picked in 3 days on November 17th, 2017.


Good Luck to all! Comment with the word papaEA to enter!

EDIT: I'm all out of prizes! Thanks for playing.

Like aren't there multiple Star Wars Battlefront games? Why are they all called Battlefront II?

I want to play Battlefront II - really badly. I had a ton of fun in the beta and found the gameplay fantastic in spite of the terrible loot box system. But I can't bring myself to buy it due to the current issues.

Until EA follows through, any time I want to buy Battlefront II I'm just going to play Battlefront 2015. They already have my money from that one after all!

I'll be on the Xbox One - hope to see you guys there!

Just built my first PC and would love to see what Battlefront II is like. Thank You OP

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I have waited to post this because I didn't want to jump into conclusion.

As you see here:

Metacritic has not published review from popular and big name "critics" and gaming magazine which has low scores although those reviews has been out for 2-3 days. I will listed down some I can find, and almost all of them gave low score + attack to the microtransaction plagued part of SWBF2. Its critic review on Metacritic's SWBF2 main page is mostly positive + hiding the controversial scandal in recent days:

Missing reviews:

Worth mention:

I won't comment anything or give my opinion in this matter. but if they won't update it before Friday (release day), it will probably stay like that until Monday with the out-of-dated score.

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Gamers had complained in recent days that it takes huge amounts of time - or money - to unlock features in Star Wars Battlefront II. Regulators in Belgium are looking at whether the game constitutes a form of gambling.

Some Star Wars fans who paid roughly $60 to buy Battlefront II were upset to find that optional charges built into the game can cost them hundreds more.

In the gaming world, this is called "Pay to win." It's not unusual, but the format has typically been used in mobile games that are free to download. Some gamers calculated that it would take six years of playing two hours a day to unlock all the features in Battlefront II without handing over any real money.

Previously, the game developers had tried to placate fans by reducing the cost of unlocking "Hero" characters by 75%. The in-game purchases aren't gone forever, though.

His statement didn't directly address the concerns of the Belgian Gaming Commission, which is investigating how players in Battlefront II and similar games are rewarded by unlocking "Looting boxes."

Electronic Arts has dismissed the idea that its game falls into that category, saying that the "Mechanics of Star Wars Battlefront II are not gambling."

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I figured this would be an easy way to keep track of all the reviews for the game. Some sites are not listed because they only reviewed one aspect of the game instead of the full experience, and some sites are still in the process of finishing their reviews. I tried to provide a paragraph of the authors overall feelings on the game, either from their opening statement or summarizing paragraph. If anyone sees an error or a site they think is important that I've missed, let me know and I'll add it to the list.

  • PC Gamer - 63/100 - A spectacular, occasionally very fun tour of Star Wars battles that disappoints with a boring story, crappy progression system, and endless grenade spam.

  • Kotaku - Star Wars: Battlefront II frustrates me in ways I never knew I could be frustrated. It is both a lovingly crafted companion to the films and a tangled mess of corporate meddling. There is a strong heart at the center but finding it means peeling back layers of unnecessary and infuriating nonsense.

  • Tech Radar - Star Wars Battlefront 2 is its own worst enemy. On the one hand, DICE has created one of the most immersive and exciting Star Wars games ever made. It’s pure Star Wars magic, and it’ll make your nostalgia sing with its vibrant authenticity (as well as tickling that need for a slick and robust shooter). But as a vanguard for the growing influence of microtransactions in £50/$60 games, it marrs its own package by tying an already confused levelling system with an over-reliance on purchased loot.

  • Tom's Guide - Is Battlefront 2 worth your cash? It's still too early to say. If you're mainly interested in the short campaign, you're better off renting the game or waiting for a price drop. If you plan on sticking it out with the multiplayer, you might want to hold out and see if EA makes any improvements to the game's busted progression system.

  • Trusted Reviews - 3/5 Stars - Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a great game spoiled by a terrible business model. DICE and EA are going to be under a huge amount of pressure not just to tweak, but completely overhaul the metagame or face an even bigger fan backlash than they have already. Underneath the terrible progression system, cheap payouts and more-than-gentle hand in the back towards paying for loot crates is the same excellent core, now across so much more content with the promise of more free maps and heroes to come.

  • Digital Trends - 7/10 - There’s something special about the Battlefront games, and how they capture the excitement of the beloved films. Star Wars: Battlefront II excels on that front, like its predecessor did, and does it in a smarter, more interesting way. It also offers much more of that experience, with a single-player campaign and plenty of multiplayer modes rounding what feels like a fairly complete package. Still, Battlefront II is much less of a sequel than the Battlefront done correctly. It feels the same, and carries all the same problems, as its predecessor. With a fun but ultimately unremarkable single-player story, returning to Battlefront probably won’t blow many fans’ minds.

  • IGN - 6.5/10 - Battlefront 2 does a lot of things right, offering a Star Wars experience that’s stunning to look at and wonderfully faithful to the source material, but it stumbles hard on the delivery. The campaign is amusing but scatterbrained, and worse, in multiplayer the randomized progression systems are downright hostile toward its players. EA has already made two big adjustments to this system in the week leading up to launch alone, and we can only hope that more significant changes are on the way. But right now, the Star Cards system’s frustrating progression is actively driving me away from the multiplayer battles.

  • Game Informer - 6.5/10 - Star Wars Battlefront II is big, bombastic, and fun. It is also diseased by an insidious microtransaction model that creates an uneven battlefield, favoring those who are willing to spend real money to gain an edge over players who are just here to enjoy the Star Wars experience. Given just how slowly in-game currency is doled out, the notion of keeping up through extensive grinding isn’t realistic. This is especially true of Star Cards, which unlock new abilities, boosts, and upgrades for each class and hero, since they are tucked away in expensive loot crates or eat up rare crafting materials (which you mostly get in crates).

  • Destructoid - 5/10 - You've probably seen angry posts about this stuff. They aren't wrong. The progression system is so off-putting. Worse yet, it only gets slower and more frustrating the longer you play. There are also balance concerns at the back of my mind. Star Cards can do things like increase your ship's maximum health by up to 20% or give your long-range specialist up to 25% explosive damage protection. EA may have temporarily stopped letting people spend real money on loot crates, but that doesn't address the numerous foundational issues with the way Battlefront II handles ability loadouts and unlocks. Are these practices enough to sour the rest of the game? That'll be up to you and your tolerance level. As much as I loathe this implementation of loot boxes, I still keep playing Battlefront II and I will probably continue to do so on and off. I mean, I do like the game. I just wish it wasn't being squandered like this. You'd be well-advised to wait until overhauls arrive -- assuming they ever do.

  • PC World - Even if they fix it I’m not sure it matters though. The campaign is underwhelming to a fault, and multiplayer is a drag. It has all the same flaws as the first game (unbalanced maps, 40-player cap) and introduces a few new ones (hero onslaught, mediocre starting weapons). Star Wars: Battlefront II looks and sounds stunning, but that’s about the only compliment I can give. Everything else is mediocre at best.

  • Ars Technica - If EA flattens the game's economy so that players start out on a more equal footing, then we may be on to something. Even then, there's still the issue of online combat that favors cheap BP gathering, lone-wolf slogs, and boring tactics over either satisfying tactics or down-and-dirty arcade fun. I will keep my eyes on the game for any major, tide-turning changes that could redeem the game's solid, glossy bits. Until then, EA's talk is cheap, and its product feels even cheaper. Avoid Star Wars: Battlefront II.

  • Giant Bomb - The end result feels like a game that was created in a boardroom, its DNA formed by focus testing and market research. Time will tell what EA does in an attempt to remedy its grave errors with Battlefront II, but the game as it stands today is little more than a disappointing mess. Its technical prowess, beloved characters, and shiny spacecraft serve as little more than a distracting facade that covers an embarrassing attempt at a marquee Star Wars game.

EA Defense Of Star Wars Battlefront II Becomes Most Downvoted Reddit Comment Ever - Kotaku

At -341,000 points (and growing) in less than 24 hours, this post from Reddit user EACommunityTeam defending Battlefront II’s locking of characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker is by far the most unpopular comment in Reddit’s history. The previous leader, as compiled on this wiki page, was just -24,333. (Points are determined by starting at 0, adding the number of upvotes including the original poster’s, and subtracting the number of downvotes.)