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The Republic Officer class in Battlefront 2 is a clone, and I think that’s pretty wicked awesome.

Battlefront glitched and for awhile I just had a tiny pilot nyooming around space

Star Wars Battlefront II ottimizzato per Xbox One X

I’m home! let’s get into some SW:Battlefront II for a short stream! Join me at 1:30 pm

Is it the bad press, or that we’ve become accustomed to major price drops a few weeks after launch? I know I generally wait a few weeks to see if I can get a new game cheap. Plus, Battlefront I eventually was pretty much given away this year. 

As a reminder - most major shareholders of publically traded companies are hedge funds and investment firms. They don’t car about the long term health of the company. They don’t care about the customers of company. They care about making as much money as possible as fast as possible.

Godmode Podcast: Drops 304

Fala, galera! Paulo, Pita, Chuvisco, Rafael e Bruno Britto falam sobre Super Mario Odissey e outras delicinhas do Switch, sobre South Park: Fracture But Whole, Warframe e demais jogos 0800, sobre recomendações de Netflix e, finalmente, sobre Star Wars Battlefront 2 e as demais tretas da EA. Não se esqueçam de mandar suas sugestões de temas para Offmode para o nosso ASK, assinar o nosso canal…

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BIG shoutout

to my amigo @deaththekid1256 for his unbelievably generous gift of BF2.

Looks like I’ve got one more thing to be thankful for this year.

They look like they’re posing for the cover of their new hit album, ‘Inferno Squad’.

I really wanted iden versio to be gay 😭

DICE suspende por completo las microtransacciones de Battlefront II

Ya les habiamos contado lo que sucedió con Battlefront II y como el equipo de DICE tuvo que salir a dar la cara para frenar la ola de furia. La situación ahora sube un escalón mas y DICE decide anunciar que suspenderá de manera indefinida las micro transacciones en Battlefront II