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This is the perfect show for Netflix to try a new concept like this, and they already pulled it off beautifully with the White Christmas episode.

In this day and age, it's tough to have a conversation with people about television because there are so many options, and it's usually an all or nothing conversation.

If Black Mirror released one episode per month, it could create a great dialogue, and become a bigger part of pop culture. There would be no issues with continuity either, because each episode is stand-alone.

Maybe I'm way off, but I think it could work great. Black Mirror is a heavy show as it is, and binge watching can be mentally draining, but a once-a-month special would be a really interesting addition to Netflix.

There's a lot to work with here with not exclusively: cheating spouses, psychopatgic social overlords,childers, pedos, the cruel (2M+ years of solitary confinement), mass murders both intentional and not.

But in the end who's the worst?

Isnt that really, in the end, what makes the show so good.

What are your favourite moments of foreshadowing in the show? Are there any moments, any hints you've found while re-watching the episodes you think others might have missed (not the extremely obvious ones like for example Kenny giving the girl her toy in Shut up and dance)?

On the podcast Who Charted. Plus he barely committed to the bit: "wot if your son was an iPod"

Once again proving he's the less Jewish, more successful version of Adam

Or do you watch alone?

I started watching it with someone, but they said it was too intense for them and couldn’t continue. Everyone else I’ve tried to get into has said close to the same thing. It’s disappointing, I LOVE watching it with someone so we can discuss after! (Sometimes even during... I know, I’m awful.)

Watching it by myself isn’t as intense and mind bending for me! But now that I’ve found this subreddit, I can discuss episodes which is awesome!

What about you? Prefer with a partner or by yourself? What episode did you most need to talk out afterwards?

Personally I wouldn't get one, simply because I wouldn't trust myself to do organize and schedule all of my activities.

Good God.

I'm left speechless after 5 episodes of this show. I don't know if I can continue. I feel disturbed beyond belief.

It was so well done...

I've started watching Black Mirror on Netflix and so far it's certainly being an interesting series. If you don't know about it, each episode is a story albeit none like you ever heard.

Anywho, just watched Season 1 episode 3 and without giving anything away, it's worth watching . . although it may be a hard watch for newbies.

Go watch it if you have Netflix and discuss below.

I was one of the people who got really excited for the new series; I watched the trailers as soon as they came out, but didn't read any spoiler-ridden reviews.

If it had come out on the thirteenth day, the trailers would have been completely fresh in my mind, and I would have remembered all the little bits.

But now there's the opportunity to step back from the hype and forget about the details, so that the show feels at least a little bit fresher than what it would have done otherwise.

I'm honestly gutted about how the marketing/release date played out, but there at least seems to be a bit of a silver lining!

My favorite episode has to be Season 1 Episode 2 due to the symbolic meaning behind it, But holy hell Season 3 Episode 6 is just amazing and caught me off guard. I am glad my friend got me into this show.

How did you guys got introduced to the show, and which is your favorite episode?

I’m really enjoying the dark, thought provoking, psychologically thrilling ideas. What are some great reads that are dark, satirical, ironic, etc like Black Mirror? Or like the movie Exam?

I feel like we could get some really crazy and fun ideas going

I was just curious if the release date was announced when Netflix announced all their other December releases, how would that have changed things for you.

Black Mirror is a phenomenal show dealing with some very creative premises, some of which are definitely movie-worthy, some being literally movie-length.

However, lets reverse this idea. What great/creative Black Mirror-style movie premises would you like to see adapted and portrayed as a Black Mirror episode, delving deeper into the world and societal issues regarding technology.

These dont even have to be good movies, just movies with interesting ideas even if the execution wasnt great.

For me it would be movies like Equilibrium, In Time, Transcendence, The Lobster, Elysium/Chappie, Truman Show, Surrogates, Gamer