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Streamlight Super Siege, Siege AA LED lanterns, and Dualie, Bandit LED flashlights Review Streamlight review video Streamlight Products in the video All of these LED lights would make great gifts for outdoor enthusiast, Scouts… or even just for yourself. Streamlight assigns different model numbers for each color or packaging option. So, all model numbers are…

Streamlight Super Siege, Siege AA LED lanterns, and Dualie, Bandit LED flashlights Review was originally published on Gear Report

Some sketches for my Boy Scout District’s Klondike Derby in 2018. No idea if the deadline has moved or not. 

Favorite framed flag I’ve ever found (and I find a lot) @crewcabrebelflag


Vintage BSA ( Boy Scout of America ) award in the shape of a furry beaver. The perfect gift for your loved one this Holiday season !

Item No. 4562

List Price $ 145

Please contact LBNO for further information or trade consideration.

504.581.3733 / t / e

Vintage Boy Scouts of America Slide Buckle Belt Solid Brass Khaki Tan Canvas Web @ !

Sailors from San Diego aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt help a Boy Scout improve the Bennington Memorial Oak Grove in Balboa Park.

what now

My attempt to recreate the Boyscout’s swimming badge. This was my first attempt at trying to embroider a circle and you can see where I had trouble with the tensioning that pulled it all wonky. Next step is to put some fabric glue on the back, cut it out, and sew it onto something.

custom boy scouts embroidery patch welcome inquiry to

linda and burk hershey
The Boy Scouts of America presented Linda and Burk Hershey the third annual Distinguished Citizens Award on Nov. 30 at the Stonewall Jackson Inn and Conference Center. Linda Hershey is the retired president & CEO of the Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce. She had been employed with the chamber for 15 years. Burk Hershey became the president of Hershey Tire Co. Inc. in 1988 and later…

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Let me know what/who you would like to see next!

Another sample cartoon from my book Mostly Nonsense on Kickstarter:

 [#오늘의방탄] 171128 #BTS in @TheEllenShow :-) 어디서든 넘나 까리뽕삼한 방탄인 것 #BTSxELLEN 

ENG:  [#오늘의방탄] 171128 @BTS :-) anywhere in Pushup #TheEllenShow crosses being three bullet-proof black Lee 😁🤘🏻🎤⬇️ #BTSxELLEN