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Warnings of Major Events

It seems that every couple of years we get a dire warning of the end of the world from one person or another. Often they use scientific data to convince us that this time is really the end of times. Since we are still here, they haven’t seemed to pan out, at least not yet. These are Dire Warnings Of Major Catastrophic Events. Should we listen?

#4 - The “Megathrust” Quake of British Columbia
The people of British Columbia as well as other Pacific Northwest states have become aware of a massive megathrust earthquake that is brewing in the Pacific Ocean over the past few years. This is not just any earthquake; this is an earthquake that is supposed to reach Magnitude 9.0 or higher. To give you an idea of the devastation of a 9.3 Magnitude earthquake, just look back at the one that hit the Indian Ocean back in 2004; it killed more than 200,000 people and took the homes of millions. The reasoning behind this catastrophic event is that the Juan da Fuca plate is slipping beneath the North American plate right off the western coast of the United States. It has been doing this for some time, but there is a part of the plate that is stuck, and the pressure has been building up for years. As soon as the plate jerks forward and the pressure is released, it will unleash a megathrust earthquake that will at least be a Magnitude 9.0 earthquake, and it will destroy the West Coast and parts of Canada. Pretty scary stuff since this is another dire warning of a catastrophic event that will eventually happen. It’s just a matter of time.

#3 - The Mayan Doomsday
It seems rather silly but a few years ago we, the world, all freaked out because the Mayan calendar ended on December 21st, 2012. We thought, since the ancient civilization had been right before, the entire world was going to end. What had happened was that a story was made saying that a planet named Nibiru, which had been discovered by the Sumerians, was headed towards and would collide with Earth, destroying all life. The only problem with this theory was that this event was supposed to happen in May 2003; clearly, that wasn’t so. Then the doomsday was moved forward to December 21, 2012, and linked to the end of one of the cycles in the Mayan calendar that happened to be on the winter solstice in 2012, hence how we got the date December 21st, 2012. This may have been one of the biggest “dire warnings” of this century; there was even a movie made called 2012 that depicted these events. Since we are in 2017, we know that the world didn’t end five years ago, but it still gave us a scare for the end of times.

#2 - A Massive Earthquake Will Level The Pacific Coast in 2015
Honestly, the fact that the west coast will, at some point, be reshaped due to weather and possibly natural disaster, is simply a matter of time. Just look at the tectonic plates we mentioned a minute ago. However, there was a claim made a few years ago that traveled around with the picture of the colossal wave you see here. The rumor said that FEMA, which is the Federal Emergency Management Agency, supposedly CONFIRMED that a huge natural disaster, i.e. a massive earthquake, would level the Pacific Northwest in 2015, specifically. This lie was debunked pretty soon after it was created, but even if it hadn’t we would still be less likely to believe it since it’s currently 2017, and the Pacific Coast is still intact, although it might not be that way forever.

#1 - What Is To Come
Researchers from the U.S., Canada, Italy, and Germany have come together to give us yet another dire warning. However, this one could actually be true, which is absolutely terrifying. Apparently, they have been studying the events surrounding the Permian Mass Extinction which happened a really long time ago and wiped out 90% of everything living on our planet. The reasoning behind this mass extinction is that due to climate change and the huge output of carbon dioxide into the air from volcanos. The surface of the Earth reached an average of 29-degrees Celsius, which is about 84-degrees Fahrenheit, and everything died as a result. Now they are saying that the same thing that happened over 250 million years ago is about to happen again. We are currently at 15-degrees Celsius or 59-degrees Fahrenheit, and we’re getting hotter with each passing day. The scariest part about this is that most of the volcanos around the world are due for an eruption and if volcanos start erupting, they alone could raise the temperature by eight to eleven degrees Celsius! What’s even worse is that as the world gets hotter with each passing year, vast amounts of methane gas are being released into the atmosphere, making things even hotter. It’s all some pretty scary stuff!

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David Badash at NCRM: 

“President” Donald Trump says the stories about his administration colluding with Russia are a “hoax,” but the “real Russia story” is a long-debunked story about Hillary Clinton supposedly profiting from America’s sale of uranium to Russia.

Trump was wrapping up his remarks at a press event with the governor of Puerto Rico when he took time to answer one last question – about his tweet earlier Thursday morning attacking Hillary Clinton via a long-debunked right wing conspiracy theory.

“That’s your real Russia story,” the “president” insisted, “not a story where they talk about collusion, and there was none,” Trump said from the Oval Office. (The special counsel has yet to release any findings.)

Dear Mr. Trump, your collusion with the Russians to help win the election for you isn’t a “hoax.”

Illuminati invite.

Conspiracy theories concerning pop icons have become increasingly popular in recent years. A particularly far-fetched one revolves around Stefani Germanotta before she was the famous singer we all know as Lady Gaga and her friendship with a fellow singer, Lina Morgana. The pair knew bonded through their shared aspiration to become worldwide superstars, with Lina always being one step ahead of Stefani.

A young Lady Gaga worked as a backup dancer for Lina, but tensions began to arise when she was accused of copying Lina’s style. The high platformed shoes, garish wigs and bizarre outfits were all Lina’s original style, according to her producer Rob Fusari and her mother. Jealousy erupted, and the two singers became enemies. At the age of 19, Morgana committed suicide by jumping off a hotel roof in 2008. Some theorists believe she was pushed by a jealous Lady Gaga, although the rumours are purely based on sensationalist gossip.

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Let’s perform a thought experiment: There is a country with two political parties that disagree on a number of Issues. It doesn’t matter what these Issues are, they’re just plot coupons, and because this is meant to be a simple model we’ll say that to begin with each party is right on exactly 50% of the Issues and whenever a new Issue pops up each party has a 50:50 chance of being right about it. Eventually, the Scientists weighs in on each Issue and resolves it, causing it to be removed from the pool of Issues.

Then one of the political parties rejects science (possibly because they just realized that they’re called the Anti-Science Party while their opponents are called the Pro-Science Party). New Issues still crop up and each party still has a 50:50 chance of being right about them, but something strange is happening on the other end of the pipeline: when Issues are resolved in favor of the ASP, they still go away as they should, but when they’re resolved in favor of the PSP, they stick around.

Every year, more and more of the ASP’s platform consists of things that are objectively wrong, and more and more of the PSP’s platform consists of things that are objectively right. Both sides are equally capable of generating bad and good ideas (because our model is simple), but by definition any Issue the ASP is right and the PSP is wrong on is going to stop being an Issue eventually, and there’s only so long that the ASP can brag about being right about New Math before they start looking pathetic. Issues the PSP is right on and the ASP is wrong on, conversely, are going to stick around forever. I think you can see where this is going.

Decades go by, and eventually it gets to the point where any ASP supporter going to college is going to open a textbook and learn that Science’s official position is that 90% of the ASP’s position’s are wrong and we don’t know about the last 10%. It’s going to look to an ASP supporter like Science is in the PSP’s corner–even though it’s not; this is just what happens when you reject science. Because the people haven’t adapted to their new reality yet and are used to a world where each party is right 50% of the time, they’re able to sell this idea that something’s off about this–the more “biased” in favor of the PSP Science becomes, the more suspicious it appears to ASP supporters and centrists, whose position of assuming each party is right 50% of the time has become increasingly maladaptive as time goes on. And the ASP’s hostility towards Science gets more overt as time goes on.

A political party that rejects science is eventually going to be wrong about everything. Even those issues it was originally right about will stop being issues sooner or later–or worse, the other side can adopt a new position that’s even less wrong than the anti-science side’s current position, thereby usurping their “win”. And it’s not going to be right on 50% of new issues, either–not when its faulty logic is involved in deciding what becomes an issue. Eventually, it gets to the point where its only ever right accidentally, in an “even a broken clock is right twice a day” fashion. It is inevitable.

The Republican Party rejected science in 1980, during the Reagan Revolution. Ever since then, as the model predicts, their defense of their positions has grown ever shriller and ever more dogmatic as they became almost comically wrong about (what was becoming closer and closer to) everything, until the point where they have to posit conspiracy theories to explain why basically all of academia disagrees with them about basically everything.

JFK Saw Evidence Of UFOs And Aliens Reveals Former Pilot

JFK did see evidence that UFOs and aliens exists according to a former pilot. In a documentary the man talked about a conversation that he had with President Kennedy and the two of them were talking about an article in a newspaper that talked about UFOs. The man said that JFK had asked him what he thought about the article and he asked JFK the same question. The man, who did not want to be named,…

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