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Google Play Store CMS is an android market site specifically for Google Play Store. You can add apps…

Instant #Apps Come to the #GooglePlay Store – #Xanjero

Google Play Instant Apps

Google Play Instant Apps are sparse but are finally arriving in the search giant’s digital store, which allow users to try apps before installing them…

Search giant Google just made a few announcementson its Android developers blog. The biggest, though, is the arrival of Instant Apps in the Play Store. For those unfamiliar, Instant Apps let mobile users stream apps to their devices to try out…

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Google te pagará por encontrar errores en sus ‘apps’ más populares

El programa Google Play Security Reward fue presentado por el gran buscador con el propósito de recompensar a todo aquel que consiga hackear alguna de sus aplicaciones más populares del Play Store.

Será así como los interesados en participar podrán ayudar a los desarrolladores a encontrar vulnerabilidades en sus productos. La recompensa será de  1.000 dólares, independientemente de la cantidad…

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Des primes de sécurité pour empêcher apps et Android de tituber
Au travers du Google Play Security Reward Program, Google, en partenariat avec HackerOne, ouvre la possibilité pour des chercheurs en sécurité de recevoir des récompenses pour des failles identifiées dans des apps majeures du Play Store Android. Source de l’article sur ZDNet
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Pixel Launcher disponível para qualquer Android

Pixel launcher que era exclusivo pra os aparelhos Google agora pode ser instalado no seu dispositivo

Pixel Launcher fonte:

Os novos Pixel vieram e com ele uma nova Launcher (aplicativos que permitem mudar o visual do smartphone), a Pixel Launcher que traz a barra de pesquisas do Google no rodapé da tela e outros recursos bem interessantes. Como eu menciono o recursos era exclusivo aos aparelhos Google, mas no mundo Android, tem momentos que nada é exclusivo!

Mas no universo Android não impede nenhum desenvolvedor de extrair o app de seus aparelhos e modificá-lo para aumentar a compatibilidade. Nasceu assim o Rootless Pixel Launcher, um app –  melhor um “hack” ou “mod” – não é um app oficial e por isso não pode ser oferecido na Google Play, e a distribuição é feita por meio de um arquivo com a extensão .apk, que requer que o proprietário do dispositivo permita a instalação de apps de “fontes desconhecidas” – isso significa que a segurança do dispositivos e dados contidos no seu Android ficam abertos a um aplicativo malicioso (malware). Um dos pontos mais interessantes é que não é necessário root para ter a Pixel Launcher funcionando.

Chega de bla, bla, bla vamos ao que todo mundo quer Instalar o Pixel Launcher! Como eu disse você vai precisar baixar a versão mais recente do Rootless Pixel Launcher no site do desenvolvedor , como eu disse você precisará de um arquivo .apk então procure por Launcher3-aosp-debug.apk. Se você achar melhor pode baixar no computador ou direto no smartphone, mas lembre-se de mover para memória interna do seu smartphone, ai é só clicar no arquivo Launcher3-aosp-debug.apk e seguir os passos Android de instalação.

    EastSiders Season 3 Trailer Feat Constance Wu, Willam Belli, & more

    It all started on YouTube, back in 2012, as a web series created by Kit Williamson. Five years later it has evolved into an Emmy-nominated show thanks to its dark and hilarious depiction of gay life in L.A. And now, EW has an exclusive first look at the much-anticipated season 3 of EastSiders.

    The new season shows Cal (Williamson) and his lover Thom (Van Hansis) trying to piece their life…

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    Google Play-apps med 2,6 millioner downloads hiver enheden ind i botnets
    Endnu en dyster reminder om, at Google er ude af stand til fuldstændig at kontrollere, hvilke apps der siver ind i selskabets økosystem.…

    Mind Games Pro
    by Mindware Consulting, Inc

    Price Drop: $2.99 –> FREE

    October 19, 2017 at 11:29AM
    via AppZapp

    from Mind Games Pro by Mindware Consulting, Inc gone Free in Google Play

    Cartoon Network UK Gumball VIP Official Press Release

    Cartoon Network UK Gumball VIP Official Press Release: From The Turner EMEA Press Release: Turner EMEA And Tonio Partner To Launch “Gumball VIP”

    Kicking off on Cartoon Network UK on Saturday 21st October, this unique TV experiment will allow fans to engage with “The Amazing World of Gumball” like never before!

    Turner EMEA and Austrian start-up Tonio today announce “Gumball VIP” – an exciting opportunity for fans of The Amazing World of Gumball to take part in a live, interactive, linear TV experiment running from Saturday 21st October for one week only on Cartoon Network UK.

    “Gumball VIP” is a brand-new experiment for Turner’s Cartoon Network, which combines linear TV viewing with an interactive second screen experience and the chance to win some awesome prizes. It utilises Tonio’s audio-recognition technology to serve up live quiz questions to fans on their mobile device, based on the Gumball episodes they are watching simultaneously on the TV channel.

    Marc Goodchild, Head of Digital Content Strategy & Product, Turner EMEA said: “We’re excited to launch this unique TV experiment and be taking fans on the journey with us. As an industry, we continue to witness the shift in entertainment consumption habits and we know that our fans are increasingly looking for deeper engagement experiences with the shows and characters they love. It’s been great to collaborate with Tonio to bring their innovative technology together with our brands and platforms.”

    Florian Novak, Founder and CEO of Tonio commented: “Turner is known as a disruptor and re-inventor of the modern television industry – introducing everything from the satellite-delivered Superstation to 24-hour news. We are excited to open together a new chapter: Delivering entertainment and information on a second screen at the same time – totally synchronous. It has been an amazing experience to see a great team being committed to using the technology, in order to provide Cartoon Network’s audiences the best experience possible across devices.”

    Trialling in the UK, fans are invited to become a “Gumball VIP” by downloading the free app (available from the App Store and Google Play) and opening it each day at 5pm BST when The Amazing World of Gumball will be airing on Cartoon Network.

    More details can be found at:

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    Give “Standby (A.D.)” a listen on Google Play it’s fun to listen to on there too! 

    And no matter where you get your Delta Parole music fix, HAVE THE AWESOME DAY THAT YOU DESERVE!! 

    5 Fitur Rahasia Google Play yang Sangat Sayang Jika Tidak Digunakan

    Google Play adalah tempat kita mendownload aplikasi dan game di smartphone android. Hampir semua smartphone android dibekali dengan Google Play. Tapi, tau kah kamu kalau ada fitur-fitur tersembunyi di Google Play? Rasanya sangat sayang jika kamu tidak pernah mencobanya. Jika kamu penasaran, berikut ini adalah 5 fitur rahasia Google Play yang wajib kamu coba. Cari Aplikasi dan Game Berdasarkan…

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    Beat the Boss 2 (17+)
    by Game Hive Corporation

    Price Drop: $0.99 –> FREE

    October 18, 2017 at 06:13PM
    via AppZapp

    from Beat the Boss 2 (17+) by Game Hive Corporation gone Free in Google Play

    Wormhole Rider open beta. Play now and share your thoughts. Available free at Play Store:

    Thao & Mirah: Live at Google  (Entire Album)


    Thao & MirahAbout the artist

    Thao and Mirah both often go by their first names only. That is mostly why they wanted to make a record together. Other reasons include: they are friends, they were finally in San Francisco at the same time, and both joyfully welcomed a short departure from their respective successful solo careers to collaborate on a project. Mirah (K records) started making music in the late 90’s in the Pacific Northwest, becoming a much beloved indie fixture there and well beyond. Her 5 celebrated solo records and multiple previous collaborations have brought her together with an eclectic assortment of dj’s, baltic music enthusiasts, entomologists and multi-media artists. Thao signed to Kill Rock Stars in 2006 and has since released two records with her band, The Get Down Stay Down, to wide critical and popular acclaim. She has fast established herself as a well-loved songwriter and performer in and out of the indie realm. The two enlisted dear friend and colleague Merrill Garbus (Tune-Yards, 4AD) as co-producer, guest musician (and for one song, guest writer) and the aptly titled album Thao and Mirah was recorded over 2 freewheeling weeks for Kill Rock Stars this past summer.           READ MORE

    They may ask for credit card information through Google Play, but it is 100% completely FREE and you will not be charged!


    The day is finally upon us! A Perfect Circle have unveiled a new song, “The Doomed.” If that’s not incredible enough, APC have officially confirmed their fourth studio album will be released in 2018.

    Love Ice Rink Released for iOS & Android


    A perfect prince, an underachieving genius, a kinky coach…
    Which ikemen ice skater will you pair up with?
    Love Ice Rink - Love simulation otome game for women

    Just as you worry about your solo performances,
    a bunch of unique ice skaters appear in your life!

    And you’ve got to be with them 24/7…!?

    “You’re the only one I want to pair up with”

    As you keep practicing together, you’ll end up developing feelings for each other…?


    For more information, visit Google Play or iTunes