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Swimming in shark infested waters

Swimming in shark infested waters

Swimming in shark infested waters

Swimming in shark:Sounds loopy proper? Nicely tens of hundreds of individuals from everywhere in the world disagree. Shark diving is getting rising standard everywhere in the world as vacationers and scuba divers face their fears to make the leap with a few of the most feared animals on earth. Whether or not it’s from the protection of a cage or within the open…

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infested waters by Rob Loukotka

her broken heart bled out into the

depths of my ocean. i watched it

turn red with her essence, tears

still salty on my tongue. it was a

bitter taste in my mouth; a taste

of utter and complete despair.

her flesh
would soon be raw with

his scars, embedded onto her soul

with a rusty blade. her screams

echoing throughout the night,

swallowed and consumed by his

lovesick demons.

i whispered goodbye to the

water beneath me, lungs full of

her aching sorrow. her body lay still

in the depths of my ocean with the

whole world resting on her shoulders.

you will be missed, my dearest.