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As of this post, the anime is Inuyashiki episode 1. I don't know the schedule though.

Edit: Apparently they're only showing the first episodes of Yuki Yuna is a Hero & Inuyashiki, then the first three episodes of Ballroom e Youkoso.

Is this happening still or did something fall though here?

Apple said "Later this year..." and well this year is ending shortly...

Let's guess the date for big prizes*!

*big prizes not included

I've started watching it and have greatly enjoyed all of the breathe-taking footage as well as the history of the park service. Can't wait to plan my next NP trip! Wanted to recommend this to others in the sub to check out who have the service.


Hey y’all. Last year I bought a FireTV stick while visiting the states. I’m trying to watch Prime Video on the FireTv stick but when I click on any movie I get “Video Unavailable: your device location settings may be incorrect or unsupported error 5505”.

My amazon account is a Canadian one and Prime Video is available here as well.

Has anyone gotten this to work ?

I tried to google this, but when I try to search for it on my Xbox 360, it's nowhere to be found.

I wonder if it's been pulled off or it's a geographical issue (Italy).

Thank you.

Why can I use the Prime Video App on Android only to stream content onto Fire Sticks, but not any of my SmartTVs anymore?? Netflix does all devices just fine, and so did Amazon Prime a year ago. Did they intentionally remove that feature or am I just too stupid to use it?

I’m rewatching House of Lies starring Don Cheadle, Kirsten Bell, Ben Schwartz, and Josh Lawson.

By far my favorite show for its ruthlessness, witty banter, and of course drama.

Anyone else into this show?

Would be good to be able to download the videos without using amazons download feature as it’s limited more than actually having the files

With safe I mean that my password is secure

Haven't used my PS4 today got an email saying at 5:31 the Amazon Prime Video app was purchased for free but still was purchased without me doing so under my account. 2 Step didn't notify me so maybe it was Sony's doing?

Feel free to tell me what's wrong with the article.

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Yeah, I know about that function. As you say it's not widespread. Plus it's useless for 25fps material.

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I've never been able to load it successfully. The app keeps crashing each time I open it. I tried restarting my phone, clearing app data and cache, then clearing app data and cache on all Amazon apps. Lastly, I reinstalled the app. I'm on Google Pixel XL.

Any suggestions? The Amazon link below pretty much says to do everything I did.