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Though on my MiBox it's buggy. Often won't show indicator of the cursor position. Playback won't last more than a minute before FC.

Edit: to clarify, the link is for general Prime Video app on Playstore. It used to say not compatible with ATV but you can push the app to an ATV now.

This probably isn’t a traditional post but I hope it’s allowed. I’m wondering if it’s worth it to have both Amazon Prime and Netflix.

For this familiar with both services, how do you think they compare? Is one better than the other?

Asking for info based on quality rather than just price, since I already know what everything will cost.

I like Netflix, obviously, but I’m wondering if it really makes sense to have both services. Thanks

I know there has been a few threads already talking about CBS All Access now being available to Amazon Prime members but I have yet to find any information about the technical aspects of it.

I've heard that the streaming quality through CBS is less than desirable (growing pains, perhaps?) with some people saying that it will only go up to 720p and with 2.0 stereo sound. If this is true, then it is unacceptable.

Now that we can get it through Amazon, my question is how is it being delivered? Are they using the CBS servers which has the crappy quality issues, or are they using the Amazon servers?

If Amazon is streaming Star Trek Discovery at 1080p and 5.1 audio, then it's a no-brainer for me. I will be buying it through there for sure.

Can anyone with CBS on Amazon confirm whether the stream quality is good (Amazon servers) or bad (CBS servers)?


I haven't been able to get any videos loading successfully after making multiple attempts to fix it myself by resetting cache, going through support with Nvidia.

Has anyone had issues getting it working? everythings up to date software wise.

So i live in central america but have an amazon account that have been used in the states. Today i decided to try amazon video because Netflix selection was bumming me out. So i login and everything was going great i started looking for movies and instantly find what i was looking for and most of the movies i wanted to watch were prime included therefore i started my 30 day trial to use it to watch those movies, when i went to play those movies the box were it says buy or rent this movie now said this movie is not available on your region, at first i thought it was just that movie but then i started trying with different movies and none were working. When i had not started my prime trial most movies said rent or buy this movie with some exceptions that were region locked but now all movies are region locked. Does this only work on the states?

I keep getting logged out of my Amazon prime account on my RokuTV like multiple times per day and in the middle of watching something

I think last week I "signed up" for Amazon prime video... from my understanding, there is a 1 week free trial. I want to cancel it before they charge me. Will canceling my Amazon prime video subscription cancel my Amazon student prime membership in general? How do I avoid getting charged for Amazon prime video without canceling my student prime membership?

So I just got the essential phone and when I was setting it up I put prime video on and when I went to purchase an HD movie I got the "this device doesn't support HD playback" popup. Is there a way to watch HD movies on the device?

Thanks in advance

Title. How can I search a movie by typing it on netflix or amazon prime video (with the fire stick tv)?

I’ve been in a state of blissful contemplation ever since watching the new season and struggling with the fact that it will probably be another 2 years until the next season, but discovering today that there’s a new Sci-Fi anthology out on Prime Video was a very welcoming surprise.

Two episodes in, it doesn’t quite outshine Black Mirror in any way, but it still tells fascinating stories, and I’m curious to finish the season.