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Amazon prepara una versione di Prime Video con publicità, alternativa a Netflix

Amazon to turn The Lord of the Rings into a TV series

Amazon has announced that they have acquired the global television rights to The Lord of the Rings which are based on the fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. (more…)

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Amazon has started trying a new service called Prime Wardrobe a few months ago. It’s goal was to boost fashion sales by giving its consumers a week to try out the clothes at their home before paying for it.

In just few months, it shows that Amazon has now made some number of changes during the beta testing period on how the Prime Wardrobe works.

At the launching of the new service, the company has allowed customers to order between three to fifteen items to try on at their home before buying the items. Some of the customers were taking advantage of the threshold and not buying enough items which resulted to the maximum items the customers could take was lowered to ten items.

At the start of the testing, Amazon has offered discounts between 10 percent and 20 percent when a consumer kept more than three items. Now the e-commerce giant has altered the discounting to a flat discount of $50 for orders of at least $200, and a $100 discount for orders of $400 or more.

Another visible change was the dedicated Prime Wardrobe digital shopping cart is now more easier to find on that it was before. The only difficult thing to find is the tool you have to use to separate shopping cart for Prime Wardrobe.

The new service having not yet been integrated to the main Amazon shopping cart has been an issue. However, due to Amazon asking questions about the shopping cart through a post order survey, the changes no longer came as a surprise.

Amazon to Develop a Free Ad-Supported Prime Video

In other news, the e-commerce giant is about to develop a free, ad-supported complement to its streaming video service, Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon is in talk with some movie studios, TV networks and other media companies about providing programming to the service.

The subscribers of Amazon Prime pay $99 a year for a free shipping and an access to a mix of ad-free TV shows, movies and original Amazon Prime series like “Transparent” and “The Man in the High Castle.”

A version of the streaming video paid by the advertisers instead of the subscribers of the streaming video could provide a new foothold in streaming video for marketers, whose opportunities to run commercials are crumbling as viewers are drifting away from traditional TV and running towards ad-free services like Netflix and Prime.

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Nelle ultime settimane stanno aumentando le notizie che sembrano suggerire l'arrivo di Alexa in Italia ed è certo che Amazon sta progressivamente intensificando la presenza dei suoi servizi nel nostro paese. Da qualche tempo è stato reso disponibile Prime Video (in forma del tutto gratuita per i sottoscrittori dell'utilissimo ed ormai imprescindibile abbonamento Amazon Prime) mentre sta crescendo bene anche Music Unlimited (che offre 1 mese gratuito senza impegno ed una delle migliori app della categoria). La prassi di Amazon sembra essere quella di portare i servizi e solo dopo il proprio hardware per sfruttarli, per questa ragione hanno tardato a farci avere i tablet Fire e sempre per questa ragione non sono in vendita gli speaker/assistenti della serie Echo (cosa che cambierà quando arriverà Alexa). ù


Oggi avviene un piccolo ma importante passo avanti per completare la posizione dell'ecosistema Amazon in Italia con la disponibilità all'acquisto della Fire TV Stick. Si tratta dell'edizione Basic senza Alexa, perché ovviamente da noi ancora non funziona, ma è comunque un acquisto super consigliato con il prezzo di 39,99€ riservato agli utenti Prime. Vi elenco qualche dato che ritengo molto positivo in forma stringata:

  • Nativamente supporta Prime Video (disponibile su pochissime piattaforme TV)
  • Include anche Netflix, Spotify e tutta questa sfilza di app (c'è anche Plex!)
  • Funziona “anche” da ricevitore Miracast (in pratica come il Chromecast)
  • Ha un utilissimo telecomando (ma funziona anche via CEC)
  • Ha una propria interfaccia (così non bisogna sempre usare lo smartphone)
  • …e ci si può mettere il Play Store di Google come abbiamo fatto sui tablet Fire

Motivi per non acquistarlo? Se non si ha un TV, non si è utenti Prime o si ha già altro che includa tutte queste funzioni. Altrimenti mi sembra davvero difficile dire di no.

from Fire TV Stick arriva in Italia: solo 39,99€ per il Chromecast agli steroidi

Fire TV Stick arriva in Italia: solo 39,99€ per il Chromecast agli steroidi


Nelle ultime settimane stanno aumentando le notizie che sembrano suggerire l’arrivo di Alexa in Italia ed è certo che Amazon sta progressivamente intensificando la presenza dei suoi servizi nel nostro paese. Da qualche tempo è stato reso disponibile Prime Video (in forma del tutto gratuita per i sottoscrittori dell’utilissimo ed ormai imprescindibile abbonamento Amazon Prime) mentre sta crescendo…

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The Grand Tour Season 2 arrives on December 8th

Amazon has announced that season two of The Grand Tour is set to return to Prime Video on December 8th. (more…)

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5 أسباب منطقية تدفع أمازون للإستحواذ على تويتر

من المنطقي أن يستحوذ أمازون على تويتر يحاول تويتر الخروج من الأزمة التي يعاني منها فمنذ طرح أسهم الشركة في البورصة منذ 2013 لم ينجح الموقع في تحقيق أرباح صافية وظل يخسر الأموال باستمرار، حيث التكاليف التشغيلية أكبر بكثير من العائدات ولا وجود للأرباح. تويتر الذي يحظى بشهرة كبيرة وتعتمد وسائل الإعلام على تغريدات المشاهير عليه في التغطية الإخبارية، يواجه أيضا مشاكل أخرى لا تقل خطورة عن التي تطرقنا…

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Apple TV 4K Lands on Amazon After a 2-Year Break

Amazon is the place to go for all your shopping needs but for Apple customers, it was a no-go because the device was never officially sold on the website for the past two years. Apple’s rivalry with the company in terms of video streaming lead to this issue. Amazon Prime Video has gain…

Lifetime movie night

Amazon Prime Video comes to the PlayStation 4 in South Africa

If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner in South Africa you can now watch Amazon’s Prime Video content in a native app.

While this app has been available in other countries before now, this is the first time you’ll be able to get it with a completely local setup.

The SA PlayStation store states that the app was added yesterday, 5th September. There are already more than 12 thousand reviews averaging out…

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The new series LORE will bring to life fan-favorite stories of historical mysteries from the popular Lore podcast.

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They’re back and they’re still taking turns trying to take EMPIRE from each other.