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I decided to setup my business email address on protonmail using my own domain. I downloaded the bridge and installed it on my MacBook. Yuk is all I can say. So now I am running a SMTP server and an IMAP server. This then allows my apple mail to communicate.

What can I say? I hate it. I can’t understand why you want to implement secure email in this way. Running the bridge on my laptop provides an obvious point of attack since this is what I would look to infect with malware or subverting your code. Communication on loop back is in clear.

What I want is to allow me to use PGP in my native email client of my choice using my own keyring which I can secure (on an HSM if I wish like YubiHSM2). I want to ensure all email at rest on your mail servers is strongly encrypted and I want the key for my mailbox. I want access to the public keys of all protonmail users (e.g. on LDAP) accessible so that by default all email to other protonmail users is encrypted. I want to be able to apply a data classification label to email that means if the recipient is external to protonmail and the classification is above a threshold I set, and I do not have a public key for them, then they receive a plaintext email asking them to open a web based email client to read the email/download attachments (if I have allowed this).

You should be running an SMTP service and an IMAP service. Access to this should be over TLS with the option to make this more secure by going via proton VPN.

I can’t download my private key from protonmail which I hate, I don’t want you to have a copy of my private key.

How is IMAP or local bridge support going? I would love to be able to use Tutanota in my local clients on my Mac, not least because I'd like to import my mails from my previous provider (ProtonMail - who has had a working bridge for quite some time).

So i ordered an overnight package of 100 xanax from r/k0rky420 aka mothermollestor@ The overall price for the pills was 1.80 a piece plus $25 shipping+handling overnight fees. I order the package early thursday morning and package claimed to be sent off the same day. correct me if im wrong, its monday shouldn't it be here? vendor was very responsive up until today even offered to send a video of my order being packaged but the file was to large to send. Haven't heard from him anymore regarding my order. If anyone has delt with dd before. Please provide your input. How long did it take to get your products? Thanks for your time just looking out for fellow buyers. We earn our hard earned money. We all have to stick together when dealing with these low life. No more dd after this one. Burnt bridges.