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I think we should nuke Palestine
Image: Palestinians, Israelis clash after Trump recognizes Jerusalem as ...
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Israel is a War Criminal
Almost 10 days after #US recognizes #Jerusalem as #Israel's capital and not a single US ambassador has been expelled from MENA.
Tough talking #Erdogan even continues to host an #Israeli ambassador in #Ankara. Hilarious.
Almost 10 days after #US recognizes #Jerusalem as #Israel's capital and not a single US ambassador has been expelled from MENA. Tough talking #Erdogan even continues to host an #Israeli ambassador in #Ankara. Hilarious.
Amjed Ghenam
Russia recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
"[W]e must state that ... we view West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel."
All India Students' Association
US President Trump’s declaration that his administration recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and plans to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a bid to confer legitimacy on Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. This decision…
Condemn US President Trump’s Declaration of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel
US President Trump’s declared his administration recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Mohsin Ahmad
U.S. Troops On High Alert After President Trump's Embassy Announcement
The U.S. military is on high alert and has deployed additional troops throughout the Middle East ahead of President Donald Trump's announcement that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's official capital and ordering the U.S. Embassy to relocate there from Tel Aviv.
Eka Puspita
Erdogan finds a UN gap undo US decision on Jerusalem
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey is looking for a loophole at the United Nations to overturn the decision of US President, Donald Trump, who recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. "We will try to overturn this first unfair decision on...
Erdogan finds a UN gap undo US decision on Jerusalem
Jason D'Angelo
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15 December 2017

Today in America:

1) “Congressional Republicans released a final draft of their tax bill Friday. With newfound support from two wavering senators, lawmakers appear to be on track to pass the measure and deliver it to President Trump for his signature by Christmas. Votes in the House and Senate are expected next week. A potential stumbling block for the bill was removed earlier Friday when Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., announced he would support the measure. Rubio had threatened to vote ‘no’ on the bill, to win a more generous child tax credit for working families. Another holdout, Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., also announced his support Friday afternoon. Corker was the only Republican to vote against the Senate version of the tax bill. He said he changed his mind after ‘great thought and consideration,’ despite lingering concern that the bill will increase the federal debt. The bill would sharply reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent. . . . The measure also reduces individual taxes temporarily and offers a reduced tax for so-called pass-through businesses such as partnerships. While the corporate tax cuts in the bill are permanent, the individual cuts are set to expire in 2025. The tax cuts are expected to take a big bite out of government revenue. Even after accounting for somewhat faster economic growth, congressional forecasters say the measure will add about $1 trillion to the federal debt over the next decade. Congressional Democrats are united in their opposition to the tax bill. They argue that it's overly tilted to the rich, with the bulk of the savings going to the top 1 percent of the income ladder by 2027. In negotiations between the House and Senate, lawmakers agreed to a slightly higher corporate tax rate than Republicans initially wanted: 21 percent instead of 20 percent. They also lowered the top individual tax rate to 37 percent. . . . After he threatened to withhold his support for the bill, colleagues agreed to sweeten the child tax credit. . . . Other compromises allow future homeowners to deduct the interest on mortgages of up to $750,000, down from $1 million under current law. The House bill would have set a lower cap of $500,000 and excluded mortgages on second homes. Families will also be allowed to deduct up to $10,000 of state and local taxes, including property tax and a choice of either sales or income tax. Owners of pass-through businesses will be allowed to deduct up to 20 percent of their profits, reducing their effective tax rate to no more than 29.6 percent. Both the House and Senate bills originally offered a bigger break for pass-through businesses. Lawmakers have been tweaking this and other provisions in order to keep the ten-year price tag of the bill below $1.5 trillion — the maximum allowed under Senate budget rules. The bill repeals the Alternative Minimum Tax for corporations, and raises the income threshold at which individuals would face the AMT. The measure doubles to $11 million ($22 million for couples) the value of estates that can be passed on to heirs tax-free. Beginning in 2019, the measure eliminates the tax penalty for people who don't have health insurance — one of the most unpopular features of the Affordable Care Act. Without that tax penalty, congressional forecasters estimate that 13 million more Americans will go without insurance, and premiums on the individual Obamacare market will increase by an average of 10 percent.” In summary, 1 trillion dollars more debt, 13 million more Americans with no health insurance, a complete undermining of Obamacare instead of fixing jackshit, and every Republican is on board. Call your representatives and let them know how you feel about the bill. (

2) “Speaking to reporters on the White House lawn, Trump said, ‘We're going to rebuild the FBI’ after what he described as ‘really, really disgraceful’ documents. He appeared to be referring to text messages the Justice Department provided Congress this week in which a senior agent described candidate Trump as an ‘idiot’ and made other political remarks in the course of the presidential campaign. Trump's comments are the latest in a barrage of criticism he has directed at the FBI. Earlier this month, he declared on Twitter that the bureau's reputation is ‘in Tatters — worst in History!’ That assessment came days after special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the Russia investigation, secured a guilty plea from Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Trump opened the door Friday to pardoning Flynn. ‘I don't want to talk about pardons with Michael Flynn — yet,’ Trump said. ‘We'll see what happens. Let's see.’ . . . Later, White House lawyer Ty Cobb said, ‘There is no consideration at the White House of a pardon for Michael Flynn.’” (

3) “A viral video making the rounds Friday has one of President Trump's judicial nominees in an uncomfortable spotlight. Matthew Petersen has been nominated for a judgeship on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, one of the nation's most important federal courts. Petersen is now a member of the Federal Election Commission. But his trouble began during Wednesday's confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee when, among a panel of five nominees, he alone told Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., that he had never tried a case in court. It was all downhill from there. Kennedy zoomed in on Petersen. ‘Have you ever tried a jury trial?’ Kennedy asked. ‘I have not,’ Petersen said. ‘Civil?’ ‘No.’ ‘Criminal?’ ‘No.’ ‘State or federal court?’ ‘I have not.’ Kennedy then got Petersen to admit that he had probably taken fewer than five depositions in his career. He asked him whether he knew what the ‘Daubert standard is.’ It is a rule about using expert testimony. Petersen responded that he did not ‘have it readily at my disposal.’ ‘Do you know what a motion in limine is?’ queried the senator, referring to a common court motion to request testimony be excluded from a trial. ‘My background is not in litigation,’ Petersen said. ‘I haven't had to do a deep dive.’ On it went for five uncomfortable minutes, as Petersen was unable to provide answers to the questions Kennedy posed. Afterward, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., tweeted the video and simply said, ‘Hoo-boy.’ Petersen does have a law degree from the University of Virginia. He was appointed to the FEC in 2008 by President George W. Bush and served alongside the current White House counsel, Donald McGahn. Petersen's troubled hearing came after Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said two of the president's other judicial nominees would not be confirmed. As NPR's Carrie Johnson has reported, Petersen is not the first Trump judicial nominee whose qualifications for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench have been questioned.” (

4) “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday called on Russia and China to sever their economic pipeline to North Korea, and said Pyongyang must ‘earn its way back’ to negotiations by ceasing missile tests for a sustained period. Speaking at the United Nations Security Council in a session called for foreign ministers, Tillerson backpedaled from a position he outlined earlier this week. In New York, he did not repeat an assertion he made Tuesday that the United States has no preconditions to starting talks. That remark was undercut by the White House, which said there had been no change in position. Tillerson said Friday that any talks must be preceded by a ‘sustained cessation of North Korea’s threatening behavior,’ and the United States will continue to ask countries to step up their efforts to isolate the regime and starve it of cash by adhering to sanctions. “North Korea must earn its way back to the table,” he said. ‘The pressure campaign must, and will, continue until denuclearization is achieved. We will, in the meantime, keep our channels of communication open.’ North Korea’s ambassador to the U.N., Ja Song Nam, joined the Security Council session in a rare appearance. Under U.N. rules, countries being discussed at the Security Council are invited to attend, but North Korean diplomats usually boycott. Reading from written remarks, he said North Korea’s nuclear weapons program was defensive and needed to ward off a U.S. invasion to oust the regime. He accused the Security Council of acting as a ‘tool’ of the United States, which he said used its own stockpile of weapons to deploy as ‘nuclear blackmail.’ ‘If anyone is to blame for it, the U.S. is the one who must be held accountable,’ he said.” (

5) “The Trump administration has announced plans to withdraw a regulation that would have required organic egg producers to give their hens room to graze outdoors. The move was widely anticipated; the U.S. Department of Agriculture has repeatedly delayed the date on which these regulations would go into effect. But organic advocates still reacted with outrage and promised to fight the decision in court. It's an unusual situation, because in this case the demand for regulation is coming from the very organic farmers who would need to meet those new rules. But those farmers say those rules are needed to maintain a level playing field in the organic industry.” (

6) “Authorities say a woman on Long Island, N.Y., stole and transferred more than $85,000 to support the Islamic State, using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Zoobia Shahnaz, 27, is charged with bank fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering and three counts of money laundering, according to a statement from the Department of Justice. She pleaded not guilty on Thursday in U.S. District Court in Central Islip, N.Y. Shahnaz is a U.S. citizen born in Pakistan. She lives in the town of Brentwood, N.Y., where she was working as a lab technician in a Manhattan hospital until June, when she quit her job. The government says Shahnaz was detained on July 31 at John F. Kennedy airport as she was headed to Pakistan by way of Istanbul, from where they believe she intended to enter Syria and join ISIS. ‘As a health care professional, in 2016, Ms. Shahnaz was a volunteer with the Syrian American Medical Society assisting other health care providers in delivering lifesaving medical care to Syrian refugees,’ her attorney, Steve Zissou, tells NPR. ‘She witnessed the suffering of the refugees firsthand. Her humanitarian efforts then and since were motivated by her commitment to helping alleviate the plight of the people in the Middle East.’ According to Justice Department court filings, the defendant used more than a dozen credit cards — six of which allegedly were fraudulently obtained — to buy approximately $62,700 in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The government says Shahnaz converted the cryptocurrencies back to U.S. dollars and deposited the funds into a checking account in her name.” (

7) “A grand jury tasked with investigating broad issues of hazing at Penn State has issued a blistering report asserting that leaders at the university were well aware of pervasive misbehavior in the Greek system and failed to take action. . . . The report, made public by the Centre County, Pa., District Attorney's Office, was released after the death of 19-year-old fraternity pledge Timothy Piazza earlier this year. It includes numerous descriptions of fraternity practices that violate the law, campus policy or basic safety principles. Numerous allegations of sexual assault were detailed. Hazing is ‘rampant and pervasive’ and includes ‘sadistic’ rituals that ‘surge to unfathomabl[e] peaks of depravity,’ the report says. Penn State fraternities require excessive drinking to the point of being life-threatening or demand that pledges exercise to the point of exhaustion on floors covered in vomit, bleach or broken glass, according to the report. Some hazing rituals allegedly involved pledges being forced to drink concoctions designed to make them ill or required pledges to kill and skin animals. Efforts to deter dangerous activities, through the criminal system or through the school, have ‘clearly failed,’ the report found.” (

Meanwhile in the Patriarchy:

8) “More women have accused Dustin Hoffman of sexual misconduct in the 1970s and 1980s, stepping forward in two stories published one after the other Thursday by Variety and the Hollywood Reporter. Also on Thursday, Hoffman’s first accuser described how the Variety report came to be. In an essay for the Los Angeles Times, the accuser, Anna Graham Hunter, wrote about women coming forward to her and said that ‘the process of bringing sexual harassment stories to light is still a tedious mess.’ The actor, now 80, had earlier issued a conditional apology to Hunter, saying that if he had put her in an uncomfortable situation, he was sorry. He said he didn’t remember his interaction with her on the set of TV movie ‘Death of a Salesman,’ where she had worked as an intern. Hoffman attorney Mark A. Neubauer of Carlton Fields Jorden Burt didn’t immediately respond to an L.A. Times request on Friday for comment regarding the new allegations but told Variety that the women’s stories were ‘defamatory falsehoods.’ The stories include playwright Cori Thomas’ account to both outlets about an encounter in 1980 when she was 16. A friend of Hoffman’s daughter Karina, Thomas alleged in both stories that found herself in the actor's hotel room after the three went out for dinner in Manhattan. Thomas said she was originally to have been picked up at the restaurant by her mother, but after Karina went home to her mother (Hoffman and his wife had separated), the actor changed plans and convinced her to accompany him to his hotel room. There, Thomas alleged to both outlets, Hoffman took a shower, came out in a towel, dropped it to reveal himself naked, got in bed and asked her to massage his feet. . . . Video editor Melissa Kester also told Variety that Hoffmanmolested her during an ‘Ishtar’ recording session in 1985, when she was 20. (The Los Angeles Times has not independently corroborated either Thomas’ or Kester’s account.) Before Thursday, Hoffman described some of the allegations against him as taken out of context, explaining that on set the cast and crew are a sort of family and any bawdy behavior is intended to break the tension on long days of shooting.” (

Meanwhile in Jerusalem:

9) “Four Palestinians were killed Friday during violent clashes with Israeli security forces, marking the bloodiest day of demonstrations since President Trump sparked outrage across much of the Middle East by declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Two demonstrators were shot dead in clashes along the fence that separates Gaza from Israel, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry, which identified one as a disabled 29-year-old who had previously lost his legs. The Israeli military said it had fired ‘selectively towards main instigators.’ Two others were killed during confrontations in the occupied West Bank. One had stabbed an Israeli officer, according to Israeli police. Trump’s announcement last week that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will move the U.S. Embassy to the city from Tel Aviv has triggered regular outbursts of violence over the past week. The decision has been followed by the most sustained period of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel since the devastating 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, the militant group that controls the coastal enclave. Thousands filled the streets of Gaza for large demonstrations after Friday prayers, where leaders of the main militant factions urged residents to keep alive their intifada, or uprising, against Israel. ‘We are heading to Jerusalem,’ they chanted, waving Palestinian flags. After the demonstrations, many headed to the border fence, with some young men loading donkey carts with tires to burn. Israeli forces used tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition to keep protesters away from the fence. The Israeli army said about 3,500 people had participated in the clashes along the Gaza border. About 2,500 Palestinian ‘rioters’ demonstrated in the West Bank, throwing rocks and firebombs and burning tires, the army added. There, Palestinian factions had called for another ‘day of rage’ to protest Trump’s announcement on the status of Jerusalem.” (

Meanwhile in Japan:

10) “Adolescent female monkeys in Japan have repeatedly engaged in sexual behaviors with sika deer, for reasons that are not yet clear, according to researchers who study macaque behavior. The study, published in the peer-reviewed Archives of Sexual Behavior, follows up on a single report from earlier this year of a male macaque mounting a female sika deer on Yakushima Island. That report was intriguing, but a co-author of the new study told The Guardian it was essentially anecdotal. ‘Even the sexual nature of this interaction was not clearly demonstrated,’ said Noëlle Gunst, a researcher at the University of Lethbridge in Canada. So she and her colleagues sought to nail down the nature of the mounting. Looking at a different set of relationships — adolescent female monkeys and deer, particularly male deer, in Minoo, Japan — the researchers found interactions that definitely seemed to be sexual in nature. (The female monkeys were climbing onto the deer and grinding their genitals against the deer's backs. Yes, there's video.) Japanese macaques are known to ride deer like humans ride horses, for fun or transportation — behavior the deer seem to tolerate in exchange for grooming and discarded food. But these monkeys were up to something different. The researchers compared the monkey-deer interactions, which happened during mating season, with homosexual monkey-monkey interactions, where female macaques mount each other. They paid close attention to the ‘mounting postures’ the monkeys assumed on the deer, and the vocalizations they made, to determine that the interactions were, in fact, sexual ... at least for the monkeys.” I want to quote you this whole article because it is wild! There is so much going on here that will bring you joy or wonder or both.
라구엘쉐마김 (Raguelshemakim1124)
SHOCKING: The Mayor Of Nazareth Just Canceled Christmas In The City!
By Eitan Bar

In true grinch fashion, a few hours ago, the Mayor of Nazareth officially canceled the annual public Christmas festivities and street celebrations in the city of Nazareth.

Considering the large number of tourists who typically visit the city of Nazareth during Christmas, the decision will have significant economic impact on many of the Arab Christians who live in the city.

The mayor explained to The Times of Israel that his decision is in response to President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that the United States officially recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and will move the American embassy to Jerusalem. The mayor told the paper, “The decision [by Donald Trump regarding Jerusalem] has taken away the joy of the holiday, and we will thus cancel the festivities this year.”

The Hidden Side of the Story
So far, you have read what most news channels, newspapers and magazines around the world are broadcasting.
But here is what most (deliberately?) fail to mention…

The Mayor of Nazareth, Ali Sallam, is a Sunnite Muslim.
Demographically, 70% of Nazareth are Muslims.
You see, there is a clear Muslim political agenda hidden behind his unprecedented announcement. The Muslim mayor of Nazareth is playing on the emotions of Christians around the world at the expense of Christians in his city. And he is taking advantage of the significance of the city of Nazareth in the eyes of Christians worldwide in an attempt to entice them against the State of Israel. How ironic that in Jesus’ hometown, the celebration of His birth was canceled this year in order to advance Muslim propaganda. However, just as no one could suppress the Good News of Jesus’ birth over two thousand years ago, no political agenda today will prevent the Gospel from going forth in Nazareth and in Israel!

Please, help us expose the lie by sharing this post!
SHOCKING: The Mayor of Nazareth Just Canceled Christmas in the City! - ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry
A few hours ago, the Mayor of Nazareth has officially canceled the yearly public Christmas festivities and street celebrations in the city of Nazareth. BUT HERE IS WHAT THE MEDIA IS NOT TELLING YOU!!
TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL عبد الكريم (‫عبدالکریم‬‎)
Iran to support Hezbollah in line with liberation of Palestine

The Hezbollah-Iran-Hamas Axis: War Without End

Avigdor Lieberman said Hamas does not want war with Israel. Who's he kidding? What that suggests is that he has his eye on Lebanon and is focusing resources in that direction.

The Iranian Ambassador to Jordan, Mojtaba Ferdosipour, has said that Iran will support Hezbollah toward the liberation of Palestine.

“We are not afraid to say that we support Hezbollah toward the liberation of Palestine, especially since Hezbollah succeeded in liberating Lebanese territories in the south in 2000 with Iranian support,” he said in an interview with Al-Monitor published on Thursday.

“We are not ashamed of supporting Hezbollah in fighting #Israel. Why does #Iran need this route? To support Hezbollah in order to combat the Israeli occupation. We are proud of this because it does not target any Arab country or people, because we have always opposed the interference of foreign parties in Arab affairs,” he added.

“Those who think that Hezbollah should be pushed out of the [Lebanese] political arena and marginalized are mistaken. We advise all regional parties to realize that maintaining Lebanon's security and stability can only happen if all concerned parties reach a single vision and cooperate to strengthen their relations. All foreign parties need to support this idea.”

He also said that Iran has always tried to keep its relationship with all parties in #Lebanon flexible.

“We have always believed that supporting security and stability in Lebanon can only be achieved by supporting all parties in the political arena, without leaving out any religion or sect, or else we would be making a big mistake,” he noted.

Elsewhere, Ferdosipour said, “Iran’s presence and its support for the resistance in the region aim to maintain #Arab security, threatened by the common enemy. We are all in the same boat when it comes to confronting the Israeli enemy. So why are there concerns about our presence? We have always insisted that our enemy is the Zionist entity, represented by the brutal occupation of #Palestine.”

Commenting on U.S. President Donald #Trump’s move in recognizing #al-Quds #Jerusalem as capital of #Israel, the Iranian diplomat condemned the action and described it as violation of the international law.

Trump declared on December 6 that he recognizes al-Quds as the capital of Israel and ordered the relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds.

The Trump’s announcement on al-Quds prompted harsh international warnings. Protests have been held in many countries over the past days against the U.S. and Israel.

Iran to support Hezbollah in line with liberation of Palestine: diplomat - Tehran Times
The Iranian Ambassador to Jordan, Mojtaba Ferdosipour, has said that Iran will support Hezbollah toward the liberation of Palestine.
Muhammad Nadeem bhangwar
President Trump: US Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capital 12/06/2017 ...