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“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.”

— Marianne Williamson

“The Silence Breakers”
I can’t be more proud of you, Taylor.❤️
You’re such an amazing and fearless women. I love you so much. Sending you big love from Japan 🇯🇵💓🇺🇸

Terry Crews On His Sexual Assault Lawsuit: This Is About Accountability

This is about accountability. This is about discipline. I don’t want revenge, that’s not what I’m looking for. What I’m looking for is discipline. Because they tried to throw the shame on me, and I have to keep reminding myself — I will not be shamed. I did nothing wrong. You almost have to repeat it. Because somehow our society is wired for the victim to take the whole brunt of shame. Because if no one gets a pass, if everyone holds everyone accountable every time, the whole system will be disciplined into knowing how to behave because this is all about not accepting this foul behavior.

An article came up on my facebook feed talking about how Taylor doesn’t deserve her spot in this time magazine issue as a ‘silence breaker’. They say while it was brave of her to speak out, she was never truly silenced, has played the victim too many times, and then go on to talk about her ties with white supremacy again and not speaking out against Trump. So, here I go.

She does not play the victim. She has never wanted to play the victim. You think she is playing the victim when she has to speak out against something that happened to her, that hurt her, but what do you expect her to do? get over it and move on? or stand up for herself? 

They talked about how her playing the victim reached a problematic peak in 2016 when she called out Kanye during her AOTY speech. How is this playing the victim? What Kanye did was wrong - he got her approval for one lyric, and then added to it and spun it to make it seem much worse - and did not expect her to say anything about it? You cannot take credit for someones success when you have no part in making it. They then try to depict her as a racist who used this to be the ‘sexually objectified victim of an angry black man’. And I am sorry, but I do believe that Kanye was in the wrong. The tapes were released, they did prove that she approved a completely different set of lyrics, but somehow this is still her playing victim?

Politics. When Taylor entered the music industry around age 16 with her first album, she signed up to be a musician, not a politician. No where in any contract she has signed, has it mentioned that she has talk about politics. No where has it mentioned that it is her duty to speak out against the president. Trump is an ass, I know, but that does not mean she 100% has to talk about it. Other celebrities do, but just because she does not, does not mean she is not a feminist or is not worthy of this title. 

They then explain how she has never really been silenced. I understand that her life has come with privilege, but that does not mean she has never been silenced. What about all the times she has had to hold back from saying things because of how the media would react? What about the time when she reported her sexual assault and then got sued when he was (rightfully) fired from his job? What about when people ridiculed her over counter-suing? What about when Kim shared the (edited) clip of Taylor and Kanye’s conversation, and #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty and #TaylorSwiftIsDead started trending, long before you heard her side of the story? While when you become a celebrity of her size, you do have to understand that the media likes to hop on board with anything they can get there hands on, it has been taken way over the edge with Taylor. 

I just have such a hard time understanding people saying she does not deserve this. I understand that there were other people who have gone through similar scenarios. But, I also understand that Time tried to show the wide array of women who unfortunately have been through sexual harassment. I understand that Taylor speaking out about her own sexual harassment helped so many people in this fandom come to terms with their own. I understand that her counter-suing, and winning the groping trial, was an eye opener for people who did not know that groping could be considered sexual harassment and win in court. She may not be open about her political standing, or constantly speaking out about what is wrong in the world, but she does do her fair share of what is right (I will make a list if you need one) and she deserves that spot in the magazine just as much as everyone else she is with. 

This man is so disgusting. He still won’t admit what he did was wrong. “I think they made this into a publicity stunt…” that’s why Taylor had only ONE interview about it while Mueller purposely sent a coin as a desperate cry for attention. THEN he went and talked about it in an interview hoping he would get more attention and grab headlines.

So who is turning this into a publicity stunt? The victim who is tight lipped about it or the abuser seeking sympathy and attention but bringing it up???

I stand with @taylorswift

One tree hill is my favorite show. Sad that the women that helped make it were treated the way they were

But the thing is, she did. Time included Taylor as a silence breaker because she was one. Earlier this year DJ David Mueller sued Swift for defamation of character. Swift claimed he reached under her skirt at a public meet-and-greet and grabbed her ass—and there is photo evidence to support it. To prove a point that predatory men can’t get away with harassment anymore, Swift countersued him for a comical, petty price of one dollar. She won the case, and gave a notoriously fierce testimony, of which she commented, “I’m told it was the most amount of times the word ass has ever been said in Colorado Federal Court.” So while her critics censured Swift for her lack of participation in the #MeToo social campaign, in this case, her actions spoke louder than words

Taylor Swift from Time Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers

The Silence Breakers - TIME Person of the Year 2017.