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Going to see the new Star Wars movie tomorrow! Have a random unnamed Jedi.


A new piece titled “Powerful Light” tribute to the successful release of Star Wars The Last Jedi!✨
“Darkness rises, and light to meet it…”☄️

Kylo Ren, monster

“I just wanted to hang out with my fucking FRIENDS, one denial of that lead to buying droids which lead to me hiding in a cryland cause my nephew is as murderous as my dad so.”


Thoughts under the cut because I have lots and I want to talk about them but no one I know IRL here in town has seen it yet.

I’m not gonna bother to put this in some sort of chronological order or anything, but I will try and keep it somewhat organized.

- Poe reaaaally irked me this movie.  I mean, he’s kind of supposed to.  This movie is a big bunch of growth for him as he repeatedly tries and fails to solve all the problems by figuratively (and sometimes literally) flying by the seat of his pants and blowing shit up.  The thing that irked me is that multiple times he directly disregards orders from his ranking officers, both of whom happen to be women.  Now I get that this is meant to be a subversion of that whole ‘loose canon cop/pilot who don’t play by the rules’ only instead of everything working out all hunky dory in the end, Poe ends up being directly responsible for a shit ton of deaths and all his plans ultimately fail on top of compromising the well laid plans of his superior officers.  

Honestly listening to him talk to Holdo made me cringe.  At least Leia slaps/shoots him for his stupidity.  But then they throw in that little scene between Leia and Holdo about how much they like him.  Like, I get why Leia does.  She’s got a well-established thing for snarky but talented pilots.  But Holdo shouldn’t have had to deal with Poe’s bullshit.  At least she didn’t have to be so nice about it.  He didn’t deserve it.

- Rose was adorable.  I love her.  Her crush on Finn was equally adorable and I like that they sort of didn’t give his response/kept it ambiguous.  Her interrupting his suicide flight was jarring but it made sense.  She’d just lost her sister like, 18 hours ago.  I wish they’d had her say something along those lines instead of the cheesy ‘save what we love’ line.  Not because it wasn’t poignant but because it painted a very selfish, but interesting character moment as some noble rebel cause thing and with all the deaths in the movie that felt off.  

-  The scene where Holdo light speed’s into the enemy ships was god damned breath taking.

-  It’s really weird to think about how the main plot of this movie is like, a slow speed car chase.  A slow speed space chase.

- I want all the space animals.  Maybe not the milkable-walrus-things, but the others yes.

- Leia was amazing.  I love her so much guys.  I cried when she was floating around in space after the bridge was blown open.  But she lived!  Except now she has to die early next movie.  But every scene with her had me on edge.  When Kylo did not shoot her ship because at least he has some shred of decency in him (honestly that scene is more compelling to me and telling of his inner turmoil than I think any of his scenes with Rey really conveyed) I got the impression that later on, when they got that hole blasted into their door I thought Leia might be the one going mano y mano with Ben.  I would pay so much money to see that.

- This movie had a heist subplot.  That strikes me as very weird.

- I liked the scene where Rose and Finn are in Canto Bight and Finn is amazed but she’s disgusted and explains why.  It strikes me as really interesting because it explains why Rose and Paige joined the Rebellion but it also shows an interesting side of Finn.  He’s been raised in Storm Trooper barracks.  He probably are the space army equivalent of MREs is.  He’s been with the Rebellion since and that’s always been like, staked out in hidden bases probably still eating the space equivalent of MREs or maybe better.  He’s never seen excess or grandeur of that caliber and he gets all dazzled.  But then he sees the underbelly of abuse and oppression and cruelty that such a system needs to even function and it’s a big moment I think.       

-  I like that both Luke and Rey made a point to call Ben Ben as opposed to his doofy sith name.  It humanized him in some ways.  He stops being so mythical.

-  I have many feelings about Luke and I honestly can’t quite articulate all of them.  In the beginning I half expected him to say “Two words: I. Am. Retired.” to Rey.  I like that he’s still struggling, even after all this time.  That sounds mean but so many stories make it seem like once you become a hero everything is fixed and easy and it’s really not.  Being good isn’t innate, and sometimes it’s a fight.

-  I love that this movie, this whole new series, is all about hope.  I mean, yeah, A New Hope was about hope too.  It was in the title and all.  But his series feels so much more about how hope can be transformative.  That being said, I was kind of disappointed the distress call got no replies.  Felt a little antithetical to the movie’s message.

-  Lots of fake outs.  But not in an exhausting way.

- Okay so Ben aka Kylo Ren aka The Biggest Garbage Bag in Space.  I like what they’re doing with him, story wise.  I don’t really care if he gets a redemption arc per se, but I like the message that no one is ever totally beyond redemption.  More so because I think it’s something people need to hear more often than caring about this particular space loser getting redeemed.  That being said, I don’t like the implication that it’s Rey’s destiny to save him.  She’s got way better things to be doing.  Like reforming the jedi to be something better and different.

Also it’s gonna stoke the Relyo fires and I’m not at all interested in that.  I do find their relationship interesting, but it doesn’t read as romantic to me.  I mean, ship whatever you please, it’s a free country, but things tend to get tense with shipping and I’m too old for this shit.

- Probably other things but I’ve run out of steam at this point.

Q. I saw the movie but honestly I didn’t like it. I have been counting down the days for this and I was disappointed. Star Wars is like my life haha I didn’t like the humor in the movie and I thought overall it was boring :( I’m glad you liked it though lol c3po and r2 are literally my world haha I would die for them as well as Han, Rey, Finn and bb8 lol but yea I was disappointed overall though I will say I did like rose a lot and I’m seeing it again to give it another chance - TSSS

I didn’t like that it was centered around Luke, Rey, and Kylo. I love Rey, but I like her dynamic with Finn just because he’s so clueless about everything and she has no time for that. Like I mentioned earlier, I do love Luke, but I wasn’t a fan of this version of Luke until his last scene with Kylo tbh. And god I can’t stand Kylo. idk. He just,, isn’t a good villain??? He’s so motivated by anger and all I see him as is an angry ten year old fire sword tbh. I also don’t really like adam driver but that’s not the point. I don’t like how Finn and Poe kind of got sidelined in this movie, but I’m glad we got Rose. She’s good character. 

Also, I read an article about how tlj was supposed to question and destroy everything the characters held dear, and because of that, what the fans hold dear. For example, the whole Force thing and jedis are a huge part of star wars and always a plot driver. There’s always a sith and jedi who duel and you can go either way quite easily. But in this, they have Luke just being all let’s shut it down. The jedi aren’t important. Who cares. And they had Yoda burn it down because he’s seen to everyone as the wisest jedi, so if he does it, it must be ok. So I’m sure that made fans angry that Luke wasn’t acting as an Obi-Wan or Yoda by trying to train Rey. He taught her a little, then was like no I’m out. Good luck. Another thing they did was reveal that Rey’s parents are nobodies who sold her for drugs or alcohol or something. They weren’t Skywalkers or Solos or Kenobis or even Palpatines, they were nobodies. And for me at least, I don’t really care who her parents are, I just am curious how she got her powers if they weren’t passed down from someone else. But I think that made fans mad because everyone is connected in Star Wars, and to instead make it as nope, she’s just an orphan who got lucky, is very strange. However, in A New Hope, before they were going to make a sequel, before anyone knew that Darth Vader was Luke’s father, Luke was just a random farmer who had the force and his aunt and uncle didn’t. If they hadn’t made a sequel (or the prequels) we’d never know that it was passed down through his father. So, in a way, Rey is like Luke in the single, standalone original Star Wars that wasn’t going to have a sequel. 

So idk, once I read that article, it made me appreciate the movie more. Because while I did really like it, it’s definitely not like any of the other star wars movies. Also, they had to change it a lot because of Carrie Fisher’s death, because apparently the next movie was supposed to be heavily centered around her. 

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