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Barrissoka Fankids by Tigrette-of-Fire

Hey everyone! I’m back for a bit, so have some more Star Wars OCs.

These three exist in the same Time Travel Fix-it AU my other Star Wars OCs, and like Voxanni, can’t exist within the bounds of canon. In this AU, not only does Ahsoka not leave the order, but the events surrounding her leaving never happen, further meaning Barriss never falls. Instead, when they’re adults, they get married and have kids (and before anyone gets fussy about them having biological kids together, this is a galaxy far far away with some pretty impressive tech - there’s nothing to say to cis women couldn’t have kids together there. Furthermore, we have no way to know if either Barriss or Ahsoka are cis (though I’m not about to insist on one of them being trans for the sole purpose of them being able to have biological children together; correct me if I’m wrong but that seems like transphobia of the fetishization kind to me). Even furthermore, they’re aliens, so…).

Anyways, on with short character backgrounds.

Kovis is the eldest of the Tano-Offee kids. He’s a calm, steady sort of person with a strong sense of compassion and a mind geared towards problem solving - traits which are part of his decision to become a Mind Healer as an adult. They’re also traits that led to him being the first person his sister Isu would go to when she had an anxiety attack. Kovis enjoys doing puzzles in his spare time and is a visual thinker. Kovis is also gay, because why not and Star Wars needs LGBTQ+ representation. Genetics wise, Kovis takes primarily after Ahsoka, and thus possesses lekku and montrals. However, Barriss’s genes are by no means absent, and possesses the green skin and luminous blue eyes typical of Mirialans.

Berall and Isu are twins, and are Kovis’s younger sisters by three years. Berall is extroverted, cheerful, and has a knack for reading others that makes her hard to deceive. As a Knight, most of Berall’s field work is investigative in nature. Her skills with reading people, as well as a background in forensic chemistry, make her quite an asset. Berall is also acearo. Isu, by contrast, is on the more introverted end of things, in part because she has anxiety. She likes history. I’m not 100% sure what Isu is going to do career-wise, mostly because I’m not 100% sure I’m running with a certain plotline. Isu is bisexual.

Also, though not about these three, I’ve figured out some more things about Nella Var. She ends up going into diplomacy career-wise, showing particular skill in mediating conflict. However, she splits her time between the field and the temple, as she also enjoys teaching.

Furthermore, Nella was originally a trans girl, but it hit me that making a member of an amphibious species (that thus might have different secondary sex characteristics) could be really transmisogynistic. The last thing I want to imply is that trans women aren’t human, or that trans women are only really women in a species with different secondary sex characteristics. Trans women are women, full stop. That was by no means the intention (I really just thought “oh, nautolans are cool” and “the idea that trans people wouldn’t exist in a galaxy far far away is nonsense” and picked an OC at random), but the more I think about it, the more I worry that’s the image trans girl Nella would give. Also, to be frank, my intentions (especially considering that I’m cis) don’t matter in the face of the real harm that would do real trans women. 

That said, I don’t want to just not have trans characters, so I plan on making a human trans lady Jedi. I’m also, you know, do a ton more research on tropes to avoid when writing/drawing trans characters. (However, if you’re a trans woman and you’re not comfortable with me writing a trans woman character, I can bench this too. Your feelings in this matter infinitely more than mine, and the last thing I want to do is perpetuate harmful, bad representation against anyone.)

Art and Characters © Me
Star Wars © Lucasfilm

all I ever draw is busts, somebody stop me

Evil Space Boyfriends™

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You’ve been captured by the First Order thanks to the resistance, as your body and spirit begin to give out due to the torture you are experiencing, your circumstance suddenly change.

Words: 9889, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Baby General Hux, Armitage
this is apart of a series that i am doing with the characters of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Growing up in the desert didn’t allow a lot of opportunity to learn how to use fancy water fixtures.

Words: 503, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Request: Could I request an imagine for Kylo Ren where the reader does something that could have gotten them hurt (you can decide if it does or not), and kylo gets mad at the reader. So protective kylo. Angst and fluff? I suck at explaining my thoughts, so I hope this made sense.


Rules for requesting.

When Snoke was killed and Kylo took his place as the Supreme Leader of the First Order, it occurred to him that he would also need to take on an apprentice. He discovered you, a young woman with immense power in the Force who had been smart enough to figure out what your powers were. You were more than willing to be his student, and the bond between you as a master and padawan was immediately strong. 

Being his apprentice meant that you had a high rank of command in the First Order. You were a skilled fighter before you joined him, but the day you crafted your lightsaber was the day you became infinitely more dangerous. Kylo Ren would often join his pilots in dogfights in space, but you were sent to the surface of the planets he conquered, fighting in the thick of battle when Hux’s ships weren’t enough. You were brave, almost too brave. You put your life at risk every time you went into battle. You thought yourself invincible, and you kept thinking that until the day you were almost killed. 

“Supreme Leader, Commander Y/N has returned.” Hux informed Kylo, entering the throne room with an indifferent expression, but Kylo could sense something was wrong. 

“Why has she not reported to me yet?” he demanded. 

“She’s been hurt—” Hux cut himself off in the middle of his sentence. He wasn’t Force sensitive, but even he could sense the pressure in the room when the metal started creaking. If he said one wrong word, he would be punished for what had gone wrong on the mission. 

“What do you mean she was hurt?” 

“The people on the planet’s surface were prepared when our ships landed. She went straight into battle without any backup from the Stormtroopers—”

“Maybe your Stormtroopers were inadequate enough to not realize when their commander needed their backup!” Kylo Ren snapped, getting to his feet and storming out of the room. Hux followed him, eager to defend his Stormtroopers. 

“Is Y/N in the medbay?“ The medical droids have prioritized her care above that of my troops,” Hux said. “I’m sorry to say that not all the lessons your master attempted to instill in you have made their way to her.”

“Choose your words carefully, General.” 

“With respect, Supreme Leader, she’s just as temperamental and out of control as you once were.” 

The two men had reached the medbay. Before Hux could say another word, Kylo’s hand was around his throat, pinning him against the doorframe. 

“If my padawan ever returns from a mission injured when your troops could have protected her, you’ll be the one receiving their punishment.” He released Hux and left him to catch his breath, heading straight to where you laid on a cot. 

“Are you alright?” he asked you, putting a hand to your shoulder as he inspected you for injuries. 

“I’m fine,” you assured him. “I ran into battle without my squadron and got grazed by a few blaster shots.”

“You have to learn patience.”

“Yeah, because you’re so good at that yourself.”

“Watch it. There are countless other people in the galaxy waiting to take your place.”

You gave your master a smirk, knowing that his threat was just words. He cared about your wellbeing, much more than Snoke or Luke had ever cared about his, and you knew it. 

“I’ll be more careful next time.”

“I know you will.” 

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