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The NFL season is winding down, with only two games left before Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4. This year, the game will be held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. At this time of year, temperatures in Minnesota can dip below zero. So, needless to say, proper winter gear is a must. Enter Target’s newest collaboration with outdoor designer line Askov Finlayson. Although the Minneapolis-based company primarily focuses on menswear, you will be able to shop gear for the entire family through its limited-edition collaboration.

The company’s most popular item is its colorful knit beanies with the word “North” stitched across the middle. The line also offers colorful staple winter accessories, such as canvas tote bags and thermoses and mugs to house any hot coffee you want to bring on the go. The best news is that items range from $5 to $40, with most items costing less than $30.

This winter collection is arriving just in time for the Super Bowl, and it’s so chic you’ll want to wear it well past the stadium and throughout wintertime.

Shop our favorites in the the gallery above and see the full collection available on and in select Minneapolis Target stores. Scoop up your favorites now before they sell out.

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Color Block Tote

Askov Finlayson for Target Geometric Tote Bag, $30, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


Askov Finlayson for Target Adult North Sweater in Heather Gray, $40, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


Askov Finlayson for Target Compass Knit Mittens, $17, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


Askov Finlayson for Target Infant North Sweater Bodysuit in Light Gray, $20, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


Askov Finalyson for Target Ceramic North Mug 12 oz. Light Blue, $15, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


Askov Finlayson for Target Adult North Knit Scarf, $17, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


Askov Finlayson for Target North Beanie Hat, $15, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Beverage Bottle

Askov Finlayson for Target Beverage Bottle 20 oz., $17, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Kids’ Long-Sleeve Shirt

Askov Finlayson for Target Kids’ Geometric North Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt, $17, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

White Tote

Askov Finlayson for Target MN State Stripe Tote Bag, $14, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


Askov Finlayson for Target Men’s Team North T-Shirt in Navy, $18, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Beverage Holder

Askov Finlayson for Target Knit Beverage Holder, $6, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


Askov Finlayson for Target Ceramic Container Candle 12oz. Lake of the Woods, $17, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Throw Blanket

Askov Finlayson for Target Outdoor Throw Blanket, $30, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle


Askov Finlayson for Target Buckle Front Backpack, $40, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Travel Bag

Askov Finlayson for Target North Geometric MN Print Travel Bag in Off White, $15, (Photo: courtesy of Target)

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Apparently the internet loves the search terms “Tiffany Haddish” and “Groupon” together because the discount giant has tapped Haddish to star in a series of TV commercials starting with this year’s Super Bowl and it’s all based on the success of her hilarious story about how she spent a weekend with Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith on a Swamp Tour while in Louisiana filming Girl’s Trip. The…

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Carrie Underwood & Ludacris open Super Bowl LII with “The Champion”

For the last five seasons, Country singer Carrie Underwood has opened NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” This year, she will be accompanied by the Atlanta rapper Ludacris for a performance of their new single, "The Champion,“ a song that was co-written by the pair for the opening of the Super Bowl LII

This week we talk to Hani Ali from the Black Visions Collective and Veronica Mendez-Moore from the Centro De Trabajadores Unidos En Lucha, both in the Twin Cities, about organizing a ten day resistance to ramped up police presence, the attacks on workers, and the corporate bacchanalia leading up to the Super Bowl Sunday.

Also, we speak about the shockingly overlooked news that Serena Williams - one of the great all-time athletes - almost died during childbirth. We also have “Just Stand Up” and Just Sit Down awards that are connected to each other, as well as some very special shootouts to our patrons! All that and more on this week’s show!

Hani Ali

Veronica Mendez-Moore

Zirin, Jaylen Brown and the Evolution of the Activist Athlete | | | email us: | Edge of Sports hotline: 401-426-3343 (EDGE)

Music: Eye Examination - Del The Funky Homosapien | The Shit That We’ve Been Through - Atmosphere | Finesse - Bruno Mars Feat. Cardi B. | Blind Man Can See It - James Brown | Wipe Me Down - Lil Boosie Feat. Webbie & Foxx | Drop It Like It’s Hot Remix - Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell & Jay-Z | Can’t Believe It - T-Pain Feat. Lil Wayne | Memory Lane - Nas | The Wire Theme

NEW SINGLE: Iggy Azalea - Savior (ft. Quavo) coming soon!

Her new single will be premiering on 2018 Super Bowl commercial on February 4th.

The Alabama Crimson Tide won the NCAA Football Championship and the NFL Playoffs are well underway. Now is the time for you to decide how you’re going to watch the world’s most watched annual event - the Super Bowl. Whether you choose to go out or host a party in your off-campus student apartment, here are some ideas for you to think about so that you choose the best viewing party.

Figure out who you want to watch it with. What are you friends planning for this? Do you have any friends who are die-hard fans of either of the teams playing? How many people do you want around when the game is on?

Make decisions about food. Do you want to cook? Have food catered? Go to a pub or restaurant?

Accessibility issues. Are you or a friend willing to buy a package to watch the game on or are you going to a place that is showing the game?


  • This is an NBC broadcast with an extended Carrie Underwood music video at the beginning. Great. Perfect. Thanks for that. Football now?
  • Roof is open at the stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Temperature in the mid 60s.
  • Michaels opens with deflated football controversy. The Patriots are minimizing it. Collinsworth says he thinks the New England players will rally behind each other.
  • This recording doesn’t seem to include commercials, which is fine with me.
  • Seattle wearing their dark blue uniforms. Patriots in white.
  • One of the Seahawks introduces himself as being from THE Utah State University, which is fun.
  • Patriots run in behind what appear to be actual soldiers. “Crazy Train” playing.
  • Seahawks get the string part from Bittersweet Symphony instead.
  • Walter Payton Man of the Year Award time. Last year’s winner, Charles Tillman, announces this year’s winner. Thomas Davis, Panthers LB.
  • Moment of silence for the Giants’ Ann Mara.
  • John Legend performs America The Beautiful. He does it about as well as you’d expect, which is extremely well.
  • Color guard is made up of servicemembers in each branch of the armed forces, all based in Arizona.
  • Idina Menzel to perform the Star Spangled Banner. I remember this being bad. I hope it isn’t.
  • It’s not bad, per se, it’s just weird. It’s like she’s a driver alternately slamming on the brakes, then gunning the engine. You can’t get any sense of a regular tempo. She sang all the notes and sang them all well, but it was a weird performance.
  • Collinsworth: New England’s offensive tackles need to play big and fast.
  • Collinsworth: The two key players are Tom Brady and Marshawn Lynch. You don’t say, Cris. Thanks for the analysis.
  • Coin toss: Tedy Bruschi and Kenny Easley, honorary captains and club greats. Patriots call heads. It is tails. Seattle will defer, Patriots will receive in the first half.
  • Seattle coach Pete Carroll: Not thinking about going back to back. If it happens, it happens. We play every game like it’s a championship and this one’s no difference. Will play tough and smart, trust and believe in ourselves.
  • Cutaway: Marshawn Lynch on the sideline eating Skittles.


  • Decent runback, Amendola out to the New England 18.
  • Michaels: Tom Brady says there isn’t a game he would want to win more than this one.
  • Patriots complete a few very short passes early. They’re getting 3-5 yards per pass, but it gets them a first down.
  • First five plays are either runs or very quick throws. Patriots not putting Brady in a position to face the pass rush. He throws incomplete on third down and the Patriots will punt it away.
  • The Seahawks hit the kicker. Is it 5 or 15 yards? Five yards. Running into the kicker. It’s 4th and 1. Declined, the punt stands.
  • Collinsworth is insisting that the rule says if you hit the punter’s plant leg, it’s roughing - a 15 yard penalty. That was clearly a collision with the knee of the plant leg.
  • NBC graphic: Russell Wilson is 10-0 (including postseason) in his career against quarterbacks who have won a Super Bowl.
  • Seattle goes three and out. They’ll give the ball right back to the Patriots. Fair catch at the New England 33.
  • Quick pass from Brady to Edelman. Brady is now 5-6 for 27 yards. Very short passing.
  • LeGarrette Blount up the middle for 5 to get into Seattle territory.
  • Brady to Gronk for 4. None of these passes are downfield. Swing pass to Shane Vereen for a few. These quick, short passes are keeping the clock rolling. Under 5:00 left in the first.
  • 3rd and 1, Blount around right end for 6, to the Seattle 25. This is an impressive if methodical drive.
  • Quick out to Amendola in the flat. Another 13 yard gain. Brady is 8-9 for 44 yards.
  • Well, that’s not terribly impressive. Brady throws to the end zone on third and six and the only person in the area is DB Jeremy Lane. That’s an interception. New England gets zilch, other than field position, out of that drive.
  • Lane is injured as he’s tackled. His arm is in what looks like an aircast. That’s not great. I have no interest in seeing that replay.
  • Total plays: New England 19, Seattle 3. Score: 0-0.
  • First quarter ends. It’s scoreless. Seahawks didn’t throw a single pass in the first quarter, if memory serves.


  • Jeremy Lane is “doubtful” with a left wrist injury. I’m pretty sure the thing was completely shattered. The only way he was coming back in the game is if they amputated the arm..
  • Third and 9, Wilson buys time, rolls, looks around, runs some more, looks, doesn’t see anything, and he throws an incomplete pass. Jon Ryan will punt.
  • Halftime show is Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz. Sure, if by “Lenny Kravitz”, you mean “Left Shark”.
  • Another quick outside pass, this time to Amendola. He breaks it for 17 yards, (almost?) all of them after the catch. They’re into Seattle territory again.
  • Collinsworth: The Patriots are clearing space for Vereen, trying to get him one-on-one with a linebacker in the open.
  • Finally a deep pass. Brady deep to Gronkowski, incomplete. Vereen up the middle for 1 on the next play. Third and 9.
  • First down. Edelman does his best Wes Welker impersonation, comes across the middle short, and picks up 23. First and 10 from the Seattle 12.
  • Two plays later, Brady throws a slant. Lafell splits two Seahawks and gets into the end zone. Safety Earl Thomas blasts CB Tharold Simon instead of the receiver and Simon looks hurt. He’s only in the game because Jeremy Lane got injured. They’ve gotta make sure they don’t run out of cornerbacks in the Super Bowl against Tom Brady.
  • Once again, the Seahawks go three and out. Collinsworth says the Patriots DBs have completely dominated the receivers and taken everything away from Russell Wilson. Second quarter is almost halfway over and Wilson still hasn’t completed a pass.
  • Total yards: New England 140, Seattle 22.
  • Collinsworth: Patriots are running Shane Vereen out of the backfield and sending their tight end or slot deep down the seam. That gets quick WR Julian Edelman one-on-one over the middle against linebacker Bobby Wagner. They’re winning the game with that strategy.
  • Maybe so, but Brady just threw incomplete on third down. Ryan Allen will punt with 7:17 left in the half. Downed near the 30.
  • Cutaways: John Travolta, Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Kenny Chesney, Steven Tyler, Paul McCartney.
  • This is the second-longest a team has ever gone in a Super Bowl without a completion. The ‘85 Patriots completed a pass with 5:00 in the half.
  • And, as soon as NBC mentions that, Wilson completes a pass. Hits Kearse for a first down. 
  • Michaels: None of these Seahawks wide receivers were drafted. Not a one.
  • Oh, what a play by Chris Matthews. Wilson throws downfield and Matthews makes a turning, jumping, falling catch at the New England 11. Seahawks threatening.

  • Lynch run, Lynch run, and the ball is on the three yard line. Less than 3:00 left in the half.
  • Next play is another Lynch run. He’s pretty good. Bounces it outside, spins, breaks a tackle, and reaches into the end zone. Suddenly it’s 7-7. 2:16 left before halftime.
  • Cutaway: All of the footballs for this game in duffel bags, being guarded so nobody messes with the air pressure.
  • Collinsworth repeats the Patriots’ line about not knowingly tampering with footballs. His tone of voice suggests he believes them, which is precious.
  • One play into the New England drive, we reach the two minute warning. Patriots at their 31, but this is when their offense really hums.
  • Blount runs for 9. Second and inches. Clock at 1:30 and counting.
  • Quick out to Vereen. Tackled in bounds at the 45. 1:00. Clock rolling.
  • Brady misses Amendola downfield. It looks like the receiver had no idea where the ball was and just sort of stuck his arms into the air in case the ball came.
  • Edelman jet sweep. Gets out of bounds in Seattle territory. 0:49 before the half.
  • Brady to Vereen across the middle. Gets to the Seahawks’ 26. Timeout called with 0:40 remaining. That was the same look the Patriots have been running, where they clear out an area of the field to get a little, quick guy one-on-one against a middle linebacker.
  • Collinsworth: Seahawks can’t bring in extra cornerbacks to deal with the Patriots’ passing game because of the injury to Lane.
  • This time, it’s not a cornerback in coverage, it’s a linebacker. Rob Gronkowski blows past K.J. Wright off the line and gets wide open. Total mismatch. Brady to Gronk, touchdown. 14-7 Patriots with 0:31 left before halftime.
  • That TD is Tom Brady’s 11th touchdown pass in a Super Bowl, tying Joe Montana for the career record.
  • Kickoff through the end zone. Seahawks have 31 seconds and three timeouts to work with if they want to tie the game before halftime.
  • First play, 19 yard run up the middle from Turbin. Timeout #1. 0:24 left in the half, Seahawks at their own 39.
  • Next play, Wilson zone read run for 16. Gets out of bounds at the Patriots 45. 0:17 and two timeouts left.
  • Incomplete pass. 0:11. NBC graphic says Hauschka’s pregame long going this direction was from 52 yards. Seattle needs 10 more yards to get him there.
  • Ricardo Lockette downfield gets 20 or so, but there’s a flag down. Personal foul, defense, facemask. It’s tacked on to the end of the play. Do the Seahawks kick a field goal here with 0:06 left? Nobody knows, even the Seahawks. They call a timeout to talk about it.

You don’t often see a personal foul facemask before the ball is thrown.

  • I think you have to kick here. The Seahawks will run a play. I am not a qualified NFL football coach. Pete Carroll is.
  • Everybody lines up and…New England calls a timeout. They wanted to see the Seahawks’ formation.
  • Touchdown. Wow. Wilson throws a back-shoulder bullet to Chris Matthews in the end zone right after Collinsworth guessed it would be a throw to Matthews. Matthews was like twice as tall as the guy covering him.
  • What a great play call. Looks like it’ll be 14-14 at halftime. Two seconds left - I assume squib kickoff.
  • Yep. The guy who picks the ball up takes a few steps and then kneels, which…dude, there was no time on the clock. The only possible benefit of giving yourself up is not fumbling, which I guess is something.


  • John Harbaugh: Seattle is having major matchup problems on defense. They can’t cover these guys and they need to do something.
  • Harbaugh: That was a really tough ask of the quarterback, going for it with six seconds left. Great play call from Seattle.
  • Dan Patrick: Katy Perry is coming up with the halftime show. She’ll have a tough act to follow. Oh, she’ll be fine, Dan. She’ll be just fine.
  • Rodney Harrison: Seattle defense has no answer for Shane Vereen. If I’m Brady, I continue to spread him out and get coverage from a linebacker.
  • Katy Perry comes out with Roar. She’s riding a giant “robotic” tiger, which is a neat prop but is run by people inside the legs. Dark Horse. This is, visually, light years better than anything I’ve ever seen at a Super Bowl halftime show. It’s extremely well put-together. A wild Lenny Kravitz appears! I Kissed a Girl duet. I’m not sure the song means the same thing when a dude sings the lyrics.
  • YES. I see sharks, palm trees, and beach balls. It’s time. Teenage Dream. DAT SHARK DOH. Left shark is completely out of sync with everything and looks crazy.
  • California Gurlz. They’re undeniable, but not as undeniable as Left Shark.
  • Missy Elliott! Get Your Freak On. This is theoretically a duet, but Katy Perry is just a famous background dancer/singer. Work It. Now it’s Missy Elliott solo. Lose Control. This probably allows Katy to change costumes.
  • Firework. Katy is alone on a small-ish stage. I guess that’s how they close out halftime shows and get the stage off the field. Now she’s on a platform that’s being raised, going up up up like a firework. She’s wearing a safety harness that matches her dress, which is neat. Okay, now she’s flying across the sky. Looks like she’s riding the NBC “The More You Know” logo.
  • That was the grand finale. She nailed it.
  • Costas: In all five Patriots Super Bowls, win or lose, the margin of victory has been four or fewer points.
  • Costas has a whole long monologue and at the end tells us that the kickers could decide the game. You think?
  • Michaels: Russell Wilson says halftime is so long that he took his uniform off, took a shower, and put a clean uniform on. I can’t tell whether or not he’s serious, but that’s insane.


  • Seahawks to receive the kickoff. Through the end zone. Seahawks take over at their 20.
  • NBC graphic: Chris Matthews is the fourth player to have his first career catch in a Super Bowl.
  • Seahawks start the second half feeding it to Marshawn Lynch. Beast mode breaks the second run for 12-15 yards.
  • Oh, man, what a catch. Another back shoulder pass to Matthews, way downfield. Big gain. Michaels says Matthews was working at a Foot Locker when the Seahawks asked him to try out, and he had to convince his boss to give him time off. A replay shows a very subtle push-off by the receiver that went uncalled.
  • Seattle gets 8 yards on first down, 1 on second, 0 on third. They’ll try a chip-shot field goal with Steven Hauschka. 27 yards. Right down the middle. Seahawks lead 17-14 with 11:09 left in the third.
  • Collinsworth: So far, everything’s going fine for the Patriots, but they look at the scoreboard and it’s 17-14 Seattle.
  • I mean, I guess so, Cris, but you aren’t going to win games doing nothing but throwing slants and swing passes. If you force yourself to have to pick up 6-7 first downs in a drive, that’s a high degree of difficulty.
  • Third down, the Patriots keep picking on Bobby Wagner over the middle, but Wagner wins this one. It’s an interception. Seahawks in business at midfield. Brady was looking for Gronk.
  • Michaels says that Matthews jokingly gets upset when he googles himself and sees the MSNBC guy with the same name. Says that might not be the case anymore.
  • Marshawn Lynch up the middle. Tough, strong, quick run and it’s first and goal from the 4.
  • Secons and goal, Patriots sell out to stop the run. Play fake by Wilson and Doug Baldwin is WIDE open in the end zone. He nearly trips and drops the ball. Replay shows he used the umpire as a pick to gain a step on the DB. It’s 24-14 Seahawks with 4:54 left in the third.
  • Michaels: This is the biggest deficit Brady has faced in any of his Super Bowls.
  • Patriots drive opens with an offensive holding penalty. 1st and 20 from the 25.
  • Patriots go three-and-out. The holding penalty was too big to overcome. Seattle will get the ball back with 3:15 left in the third and a ten point lead.
  • First play, Wilson downfield to Ricardo Lockette for a 25 yard gain. Seattle averaging more than 15 yards per pass attempt.
  • Third and 3, Wilson makes a terrific throw downfield to Jermaine Kearse, but Kearse just flat drops the ball. Jon Ryan to punt with a minute left in the quarter. Out of bounds at the 14.
  • After a run on first down and a short pass to the tight end on second down, the third quarter comes to an end. 15 minutes left.


  • Third and 1 to start the quarter, the Patriots run with Blount. Stopped. They punt.
  • Seahawks feeding Lynch now. Patriots respond with run blitzes.
  • The Seahawks go five-wide on third and seven. Wilson sacked by Ninkovich. A coverage sack - Russell Wilson had nothing to throw to. Seattle will punt it back to New England.
  • NBC graphic: Brady has two interceptions today. That’s as many as he threw in his first five Super Bowls combined.
  • First down, nobody can get open. It’s a sack. Makes it 2nd and 18.
  • 3rd and 14, Brady steps up and throws to Edelman at midfield. Gain of 21 and a first down. Clock now below 10:00.
  • Swing pass to Vereen, steps out of bounds and is hit afterwards. Personal foul. Dumb play by Earl Thomas. Patriots are in field goal range and rolling.
  • Vereen run to the 25. Clock below 9:00, third and 8. Patriots down 10.
  • Complete down the middle to Edelman. First and goal inside the 5. Clock closing in on 8:00.
  • Holy cow. Edelman just faked Tharold Simon out of existence on first and goal, but Brady missed him. It was a double move that just about broke Simon’s ankles.
  • Second down, Brady to Amendola coming across the back of the end zone. Touchdown. 24-21 Seahawks, a bit less than 8:00 to go.
  • That touchdown pass was Brady’s 12th career Super Bowl TD pass. That makes him #1 all-time, passing Joe Montana (11).
  • NBC: Seahawks have allowed a total of 13 points in the fourth quarter in their last 8 games. Patriots have allowed 12.
  • First play of the Seattle drive, a huge non-call. Patriots DB Malcolm Butler slips, falls, and clearly reaches out to trip WR Ricardo Lockette. Incomplete pass, no call.
  • Third and 5. 7:05 left. Wilson overthrows an open Marshawn Lynch going down the sideline. Lynch wasn’t going very hard on the pass route and it threw Wilson off. It’s a three-and-out that takes less than a minute. Ryan to punt. Patriots get the ball with 6:52 left.
  • Patriots moving downfield slowly. A couple completions to Vereen. Less than 5:45 left, first and 10 near midfield. Plenty of time for New England.
  • Swing pass to Edelman for 9, into Seattle territory. Less than 5:00 left, ball at the 42.
  • Second and long, GRONK. He’s covered by Kam Chancellor and beats him. Gain of 20 or so. First and 10 from the 32.
  • Second down, Brady to Gronk again. He’s one-on-one with a linebacker. 13 yard completion. to the 19. Next play is Vereen up the middle for 7. Clock approaches 3:00, 2nd and 3.
  • Complete to Lafell. First and goal at the 6. 2:52 left. Brady calls a timeout when the play clock runs low.
  • Brady’s 36 completions have set a new single game Super Bowl record.
  • Blount up the middle for 3. Second and goal. Clock will be around 2:10 at the next snap. Second down, they run the same play that torched Tharold Simon on the last drive. Edelman with a double move toasts Simon. Brady won’t miss that twice in a row and he doesn’t. It’s 28-24 Patriots with 2:02 left on the clock. Seahawks have all three timeouts.

  • Kickoff is a touchback. Gives Seattle an extra play. We’ll hit the two minute warning after the first play of the Seahawk drive.
  • And that play is a 31 pass down to Marshawn Lynch down the left sideline by Wilson. Gets his team into Patriots territory. 1:55 left.
  • Next play, incomplete pass. They have to burn a timeout before the second down play - the play clock was down to 1. Second down, Wilson throws deep to Matthews in the end zone. Can’t quite get to the ball. Incomplete. Third and 10.
  • No problem. Wilson to Lockette for 12. First down. 1:15 and counting.
  • HOLY CRAP. On first down, Wilson throws deep, it bounces off of the defensive back’s hand, Jermaine Kearse falls and lands on his back, the ball hits Kearse in the outstretched leg hits the other leg, pops up, hits him in the hand, bounces, and then Kearse finally catches it at the 6 yard line. That’s a crazy play.

  • Seahawks have to burn their second timeout before the next play.
  • First down, Lynch up the middle. Tackled inside the 1. Clock still rolling. 0:36 and counting, second and goal.

  • Collinsworth is apoplectic about the play call. Michaels is just confused. You have Marshawn Lynch and you throw the ball?
  • Seahawks CB Richard Sherman looks like someone farted on his breakfast.
  • Collinsworth: “If I lose the Super Bowl because Marshawn Lynch can’t get it in from the one yard line, so be it. So be it! There is no way….*stuttering*…I don’t believe the call.”
  • Patriots have the ball inside their own 1. They can’t just take a knee - they need to get it out of the end zone.
  • Collinsworth, watching the replay: “WHY?!?”
  • Seattle jumps offside before the Patriots’ first snap. Now Brady can just take a knee. And he does.
  • Now there’s pushing and shoving. I see Gronk throw more than one punch. He should really be ejected. We’ll see if he is. #51, Irvin for Seattle threw a punch too, it appeared.
  • Irvin is ejected. Gronk is not.
  • Brady takes another knee. Seahawks can’t stop the clock and it’s over. 28-24 Patriots.


  • Malcolm Butler: I had a vision I was going to make a big play and it came true. I’m just blessed. Can’t explain it right now.
  • Butler: Could tell from the formation what the play was going to be. It’s because of the preparation.
  • Michaels: One of the things I love about this game, you’ve got all these huge stars on the field and Chris Matthews would have been an MVP candidate if the Seahawks has won. And now Malcolm Butler, a guy nobody has ever heard of, makes the game-winning play.
  • Robert Kraft on Deflategate controversy: Every year, if you’re privileged to get to this game, hard things happen. You have to be resilient.
  • Lombardi trophy presented by Kurt Warner, the MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV.
  • Fans boo Roger Goodell.
  • Kraft: To all the Patriot fans, this is our fourth Super Bowl championship in 14 years. The first one we won, I thought was pretty special because it happened at a unique time in our country. (9/11, I assume) I never thought another could feel as special, but this one does. We’re all Patriots.
  • Dan Patrick to Belichick: You ever think you’d win another one of those? Belichick: Sure did.
  • Belichick: So proud of all these players, I love these guys.
  • Patrick: Did you expect a Marshawn Lynch run on second down at the goal line? Belichick, refusing to throw anyone under the bus: They do a lot of things at the goal line, we needed to be ready for anything.
  • Tom Brady named MVP.
  • Brady: It wasn’t the way we drew it up, and me throwing a couple of picks didn’t help, but we were resilient and got it done. It was a great team win.
  • Brady: Want to thank friends, family, and teammates.
  • Gronk: It feels unbelievable! Had no doubts at all, everyone on this team is great.
  • Edelman: We’re bringing this thing back to Foxboro. Feels unbelievable.
  • Edelman: Nothing but respect for Seattle. They have a great team. We have a mentally tough team that works its tails off and I’m proud of them.
  • Harbaugh on the Seahawks’ decision to pass: That’s hard, you’ve gotta think about running the ball there. You have a timeout if you don’t get in.
  • Dungy and Harrison both agree that you absolutely have to hand the ball to Lynch on second down.
  • Pete Carroll: It was a fantastic football game. A true championship game.
  • Carroll on the pass: We had three receivers on the field, they had their goal line defense in, didn’t want to run against their goal line package. It’s my fault, totally. Everybody said why didn’t you just run it and that would have been a good idea. We were playing for third and fourth down, with the amount of time on the clock it would have been perfect.
  • Carroll: For everything to work out this way, I hate that it happened. Everybody did a great job and we had a chance to win.

Tiffany Haddish Is The New Face Of Groupon

Tiffany Haddish is the new face of Groupon  And will appear in the company’s first Super Bowl Ad in seven years. Now that’s how you secure the bag!

What was the final score?

New England 28, Seattle 24


How much of the game was close? What was the “edge of your seat factor” like? (20 points)

The entire game was close. The score was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter and 14-14 at halftime. Seattle took a 24-14 lead into the fourth quarter, but it was clear that wasn’t a safe lead against the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Patriots.
And it wasn’t a safe lead. The Seahawks went three-and-out on their first possession of the fourth quarter. They punted and New England responded with a touchdown to cut the lead to 24-21. Seattle then went three-and-out and punted. And New England responded with another touchdown to take a 28-24 lead with 2:06 left in the game.

The defending champion Seahawks weren’t done, though. Russell Wilson led his team 75 yards down the field in less than a minute, giving the Seahawks a first and goal from the five yard line. There was a minute on the clock and Seattle had one timeout and the best power running back in football, Marshawn Lynch. This should have been easy. You hand the ball to Lynch and dare the defense to stop him three times. If he doesn’t get in, you tip your cap to the defense and know you’ve done everything you can do.

But that’s not what happened. On first down, Lynch went off left tackle for four yards. It was second and goal from the one yard line. A touchdown seemed completely inevitable. And then the Seahawks lost their damn minds. Instead of daring the defense to prevent Marshawn Lynch from gaining three feet, Seattle ran a quick slant passing play. New England rookie defensive back Malcolm Butler, an undrafted free agent from West Alabama, jumped the route and made the biggest interception in the history of the Super Bowl. It was, by most accounts, the biggest blunder in professional football history. Years later, I still almost can’t believe they called that play.


I’m struggling to come up with the words to describe what a terrible idea that pass was. It was indescribably bad.


Anyway, I guess that didn’t affect how close the game was. Whether the Seahawks scored there or not, Super Bowl XLIX had come down to a play on the one yard line with less than 30 seconds on the clock. It almost can’t possibly get closer than that. (Score: 20 out of 20)

Was there any kind of comeback? Was there ever any indication that the team which was trailing had a chance to come from behind and win? (15 points)

There was indeed. The Patriots’ comeback after trailing 24-14 in the fourth quarter was, at the time, the largest comeback in the history of the Super Bowl. But for the interception at the goal line, there would have been a second comeback to defeat the first comeback. (Score: 14 out of 15)

Did the great players come through with great performances? (15 points)

For the most part, yes. Super Bowl XLIX MVP Tom Brady completed 37 of his 50 pass attempts for 328 yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions. Brady’s top receiver, Julian Edelman, caught nine passes for 109 yards and a touchdown. Star tight end Rob Gronkowski had six receptions for 68 yards and a score.

Seattle’s star offensive players also performed well. Quarterback Russell Wilson went more than a quarter and a half before completing his first pass, but had a big day once he got going. Wilson finished 12 of 21 for 247 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. Perhaps the best player on the field for either team was Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. Lynch ran the ball 24 times for 102 yards and a touchdown, adding a clutch 31 yard reception in the fourth quarter.

The only ho-hum performance from great players came from the Seattle defense. The Legion of Boom, which had completely dominated Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII, was fairly pedestrian in this game. To a large extent, that’s a credit to Brady and New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. The Patriots’ passing game was designed around short, quick passes meant to neutralize the Seattle pass rush. If Brady only has the ball for a couple seconds, you can’t pressure him and force mistakes. That strategy worked extremely well. (Score: 12 out of 15)

Were the teams historically great? (10 points)

I’ve written about both of these teams in the past, so I’ll keep this short. The Patriots are, of course. In my estimation, the New England Patriots of this era are the greatest team in the modern history of professional football. The Seahawks are about a half-step behind them. Seattle led the league in fewest points allowed every year from 2012-2015, went to the Super Bowl two years in a row, and came within a whisker of winning back-to-back Super Bowls. That’s historically great-adjacent, at least. (Score: 9 out of 10)

Were there memorable moments that will be talked about for decades? (10 points)


How was the quality of play? Were there a lot of penalties, punts, and turnovers? (15 points)

The quality was largely really good. There were no fumbles and penalties weren’t a factor. There were three interceptions, but only one of them (the first of Brady’s two interceptions) was a bad throw. The other two came on good defensive plays.

You’d have to be hypercritical to have watched this game and had any sort of problem with the level of play on the field. (Score: 13 out of 15)

Are there any other factors that add to the greatness the game? This covers things like weather, story line, rivalry matchup, legacy franchises, unexpected results, etc. (15 points)

Somehow, despite the Patriots and Seahawks playing together in the AFC for a few decades, they had never faced each other in the postseason before this game.

With their appearance in Super Bowl XLIX, Seattle became the first team since the Patriots ten years earlier to play in back-to-back Super Bowls. For their part, this was New England’s eighth appearance in a Super Bowl, tying the record held by the Cowboys and Steelers.

The result was more or less what was expected; the Vegas line was a pick ‘em and the game came down to the final 30 seconds.

This game was notable for having featured a head coach (Bill Belichick) facing the coach he had replaced (Pete Carroll). Belichick took over in New England after the 1999 season, when Carroll was fired.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Deflategate in this section of the wrap-up. The controversy about underinflated footballs erupted shortly after the Patriots defeated the Colts in the AFC championship game. It was the story in the media heading into Super Bowl XLIX and continued as a huge NFL story for more than a year. Tom Brady eventually served a four-game suspension and the Patriots forfeited two draft picks, including their 2016 first round pick. (Score: 12 out of 15)


How does the game grade overall? (sum of all previous categories, 100 points)

90 out of 100. It’s just barely behind Super Bowl XLII as the greatest Super Bowl ever played, at least at the time it took place. We’ll see how it compares to Super Bowl LI, which I assume will also rate extremely well.

Ratings and rankings of Super Bowls I-XLIX:

1. Super Bowl XLII - New York Giants 17, New England 14 - 91 points
2. Super Bowl XLIX - New England 28, Seattle 24 - 90 points
T3. Super Bowl XIII - Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31 - 87 points
T3. Super Bowl XXXVIII - New England 32, Carolina 29 - 87 points
5. Super Bowl XXXVI - New England 20, St. Louis 17 - 86 points
6. Super Bowl XXIII - San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16 - 85 points
T7. Super Bowl XXV - New York Giants 20, Buffalo 19 - 84 points
T7. Super Bowl XXXIV - St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16 - 84 points
T9. Super Bowl X - Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17 - 80 points
T9. Super Bowl XLIX - New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17 - 80 points
11. Super Bowl XLVI - New York Giants 21, New England 17 - 78 points
12. Super Bowl XXXII - Denver 31, Green Bay 24 - 77 points
13. Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31 - 76 points
14. Super Bowl VII - Miami 14, Washington 7 - 74 points
15. Super Bowl XLIII - Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23 - 71 points
16. Super Bowl XXX - Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17 - 69 points
T17. Super Bowl IX - Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6 - 68 points
T17. Super Bowl XXXI - Green Bay 35, New England 21 - 68 points
T17. Super Bowl XLV - Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 25 - 68 points
T20. Super Bowl XVII - Washington 27, Miami 17 - 67 points
T20. Super Bowl XXVIII - Dallas 30, Buffalo 13 - 67 points
22. Super Bowl XXXIX - New England 24, Philadelphia 21 - 66 points
23. Super Bowl XIV - Pittsburgh 31, Los Angeles 19 - 65 points
24. Super Bowl XVI - San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21 - 62 points
T25. Super Bowl XL - Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10 - 61 points
T25. Super Bowl XIX - San Francisco 38, Miami 16 - 61 points
T27. Super Bowl III - New York Jets 16, Baltimore 7 - 58 points
T27. Super Bowl XXII - Washington 42, Denver 10 - 58 points
29. Super Bowl XXI - New York Giants 39, Denver 20 - 57 points
30. Super Bowl XXVII - Dallas 52, Buffalo 17 - 55 points
31. Super Bowl XXXIII - Denver 34, Atlanta 19 - 53 points
32. Super Bowl VI - Dallas 24, Miami 3 - 52 points
33. Super Bowl XX - Chicago 46, New England 10 - 51 points
T34. Super Bowl I - Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10 - 50 points
T34. Super Bowl XXXVII - Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21 - 50 points
T34. Super Bowl XLI - Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17 - 50 points
T37. Super Bowl XVIII - Los Angeles Raiders 38, Washington 9 - 49 points
T37. Super Bowl XXIV - San Francisco 55, Denver 10 - 49 points
39. Super Bowl XXVI - Washington 37, Buffalo 24 - 48 points
40. Super Bowl VIII - Miami 24, Minnesota 7 - 47 points
41. Super Bowl XV - Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10 - 44 points
42. Super Bowl IV - Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7 - 43 points
43. Super Bowl XXXV - Baltimore 34, New York Giants 7 - 42 points
T44. Super Bowl II - Green Bay 33, Oakland 14 - 40 points
T44. Super Bowl V - Baltimore 16, Dallas 13 - 40 points
46. Super Bowl XXIX - San Francisco 49, San Diego 26 - 39 points
47. Super Bowl XII - Dallas 27, Denver 10 - 38 points
48. Super Bowl XI - Oakland 32, Minnesota 14 - 35 points
49. Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle 43, Denver 8 - 34 points

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