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Porsche Weissach test site: Design studio

Construction of the Porsche Weissach test site in 1961 marked the beginning of the development centre’s success story. Our series offers a glimpse behind those doors that normally remain closed. Part Two: the design studio. From the first vision all the way through to the finished form – Pors…

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Rotterdam, NL

The Polygon Nuclear Test Site I, Kazakhstan

General Motors, Ford and Toyota are joining the Univ. of Michigan in
establishing a testing site for driverless cars that will simulate a
cityscape, and will work with the school to help make such vehicles
commercially viable, officials announced Tuesday. The Michigan Mobility
Transformation Center’s 32-acre testing site near the Ann Arbor school’s
North Campus is scheduled to be completed this fall.

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From the Inventory: 

Emmet Gowin

Subsidence Craters on Yucca Flat, Nevada Test Site, 1997
Gelatin silver print
20 x 16 inches, sheet
14 x 14 inches, image

Take me to Funky Town. Take me to Operation Crossroads.

Nevada Test Site (by O.Blaise)

We did some tests today on our test-site on Parker Rd.. We wanted to find out which height would be good to shoot our films from. We want the maximum space captured, but the person in the picture should still stay three dimensional, so it still has the “toyscape” look.




thrillscapes, toyscapes, mediascapes, adventurescapes, crimescapes, sportscapes, bikerscapes, hikerscapes, hipsterscapes, psychoscapes, artscapes, filmscapes, gamescapes etc.


The idea of building a desert model is about tracking the deja-vu experience down which takes us into Hollywood studios.



To relate our approach  to the technologies of the film industry we  start building a model of the desert landscape to produce a sense of evidence: not of nature but of its experience. 

Instead of digging for bones we meet the anthropologist on set and look up tel # in the directory of filmsetbuilder to collaborate with: checking out the dumpsters behind the filmstudios for a chunk of Wonder Valley.


The site. The props. The list of words: water trucks, helicopter soundscape, house trailers, horse trailers, wooden shacks, painted sale signs, screech owl road, twilight drive, calexico ave., homestaed cabins, bleached wood, geodesic huts, dry lake beds, sprinklers, aluminum airplanes, creosote bushes, 5pm shade, telegraph poles, rubber, fenced in dogs, water barrels, scrap yards, camouflage murrials, the worm farm …