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This was inspired by this post. u/octodo found a clear example and when I looked, I found a bunch more. We'll start with what u/octodo found.

Wow..this is huge. Prepare for incoming sharia-blue bots in 3....2...1.....

Post by u/Ne007 on r/conspiracy (Link) and by u/OishiLover75 on T_D (Link).

In those same links, you'll see children comments that are copied:

It is huge, and it's been known for a while now, and they've been here all along..

Posted by u/HissyFitsy on r/conspiracy (Link) and by u/mikael205 on T_D (Link).

However, there are plenty more. Let's work our way down from the top.

How did she get rich? Follow the money.

Posted by u/Dodge1992 on r/conspiracy (Link) and by u/mikael205 on T_D (Link).

Is it just me, or are things seeming to move along quicker by the day? I'm enjoying this. We see it on here, but the MSM does not touch it. The normies will be shocked when indictments are finally filed.

Posted by u/mikael205 on r/conspiracy (Link) and by u/FlorianPicasso and u/SchlangeHatRecht across two separate comments on T_D (Link). Notice how u/mikael205 was on the T_D for two comments above and is now posting on r/conspiracy with copied comments.

"dated June 30th but we just saw it" -july 3rd
She seems upset it took all of 4 days for a letter, from the House Judiciary chairman to the U.S. Attorney General, to end up in the hands of the campaign. They are corrupt to the core. Also this made me realize the corrupt person in Clinton's camp referenced by Sara Carter must be Giustra. Superstorm incoming.

Posted by u/GOLDKUTCH on r/conspiracy (Link) and by u/-StrangerThanFiction on T_D (Link).

Gitmo should be nice this time of year, let's hope she sends us a postcard. Traitorous behavior. Corruption to the core. Prison.

Posted by u/Bacore on r/conspiracy (Link) and by u/GOLDKUTCH on T_D (Link). Notice that we've now got u/GOLDKUTCH copying comments on both subs.

The 33k emails are the U1 emails. They have them.

I think this was Assange's insurance file. It's useless under a Trump administration. If Trump green lights Assange what... Hillary, Obama and half the gov't goes down? LOL. Assange traded this for his freedom.

Posted by u/OishiLover75 on r/conspiracy (Link) and by u/SchlangeHatRecht (Link) and u/turdinthepunch (Link) across two comments on T_D.

So, this is 11 separate accounts that are copying comments between T_D and r/conspiracy. Here is their karma count, respectively, at r/conspiracy:

You'll notice that several of these accounts were identified by u/KittyPryde123 as botters 2 months ago. Apparently the r/conspiracy mods didn't do anything despite the overwhelming evidence presented before them.

Is there a conspiracy behind r/conspiracy?

Edit: 8 of the front posts are part of this ring.

CIA Used Celebrity Twitter Accounts To Push Trump-Russia Collusion

u/OishiLover75 at #2

Tomorrow the Inspector General of the USDOJ and the FBI is going to drop his 1.2 Million pages of documents pertaining to the Justice departments handling of the Clinton Email investigation and all things FBI and DOJ in 2016. It's going to be a Blood Bath for former Obama Administration officials.

u/alitonus (confirmed in comments below) at #3

Loretta Lynch Implicated In Uranium One Obstruction Of Justice

u/Jborg007 (confirmed in original u/KittyPryde123 post) at #5

USPS increasing prices on us normal plebs while Bezos, the richest man on the planet is subsidized. The system is rigged!!

u/Mikael205 at #14

Reminder: Obama Press Secretary Jennifer Palmeri Confirmed Uranium One Scandal by Emailing Hillary Clinton the DailyCaller Article Exposing Their Pay-To-Play Scheme. The Subject Title Palmeri Chose for the Email: "It's Out There!"

u/charitwo (confirmed by u/KittyPryde123) at #17

TIL Chelsea Clinton married George Soros’ nephew

u/GOLDKUTCH at #18

Breaking: Madeleine McCann investigator Kevin Halligen found dead

u/charitwo at #19

What the Hell??? Body found at Honolulu airport...

u/DARKSPOOKIAN (confirmed by u/KittyPryde123) at #20

Also notice how 6 of these 8 are directly anti-left. Funny how we constantly get called "shills" yet the ones shilling are the ones that most-frequently cry shill...


Downvote! Downvote, Downvote! Must not let anything that casts a bad light on the queen stand. /s

It’s a stupid video.

Here are some other sources that still use the written word. the hill

wsj yeah, I know it’s paywalled. I just wanted the source.

frederick News post

The founder and owner of Frederick’s Dragon Distillery was indicted Friday on charges related to his alleged role in bribing a Russian atomic energy official to win government contracts for the company he formerly co-owned.

Mark Lambert, 54, of Mount Airy, faces 11 charges including violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and wire fraud, according to a U.S. Department of Justice statement released Friday.

And this is interesting:

Investigators believe Lambert and the others discussed the scheme in emails, using code words such as “lucky figures,” “lucky numbers” and “cake” to talk about bribes and kickbacks.

Where else have we seen code, hmm.

And here’s what the NY Post has to say.

Russia has at least 500,000 tons of mineable uranium. The US has not produced enough uranium to fulfill it's own needs since 1992. It's messy business and the risks are too high for our mining/refining companies. We buy almost all our uranium from Russia, Kazakstan and Canada. This deal was all about $$$ not actual uranium. Russia gained significant control of Khazak uranium however global prices have continued to decline. It also bought control of relatively small amounts of US uranium which was brought to Canada, refined and then sold back to US power plants.

There was nothing that changed any strategic elements of US access to uranium. Russia maybe tried to rig the price that US power plants pay for it. If we are willing to mine the grand canyon for a strategic need we can have as much uranium as we could possibly need at a moments notice.

So late last night OIG released some of the report. And also the sealed indictment of Mark Lambert was unsealed. I've been watching this board all day and I've seen nothing? That's a major happening. I don't think the Hawaii scare was an "accident"